Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photo Update

I had so much fun finding other blogs through Laura's link up on Monday! If you're hear from that, welcome :) I'm always happy to have new faces!

Cleaning our house yesterday was my #2 priority yesterday, (Jillian being #1 of course), so I actually didn't even check my email until early this morning. We had some dinner guests and one of them is allergic to cats. I made sure everything was dusted and vacuumed so that his allergies didn't bother him. We had a fun time and I think his allergies were kept at bay!

I feel like I haven't posted many pictures this year, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from the last week! Since I got my iPhone in December, I've taken most of my photos with it. In case you missed it, I post most of my photos on my Instagram page. {username: courtcog}

{I'm ready for my Mom-of-the-Year Award!}
{Jillian got stuck between the sofa table and the wall. Being the awesome mom I am, I took a photo before I rescued her ;) At least she wasn't crying at the time!} 

{Jillian's hair is getting so long in the front! I used just a clip to pull it back for the first time the other day. She looks so grown up to me!} 

{She really likes the clips on their cardboard container}
{Also, please excuse the Halloween pj pants. I don't have many to choose from} 

{Jillian has been trying to put her sunglasses on herself lately! This particular time, she missed and they got stuck on the collar of her onesie ;)}

{Watching Winnie the Pooh with her Winnie the Pooh Bear <3} 

{This is the closest to standing independently that I can get her. She is just not interested right now, and that is perfectly ok :)} 

{Looking like a big girl in her new Osh Kosh overalls!}
{Still very jealous of her eyelashes too} 

{Having fun in the new tube I bought her!}
{She had so much fun with the one at the library, I figured it would be worth looking for one. I found a decently priced one at Toys R Us and she is having a ball} 

{I feel like I need to explain this one.}
{This is in the middle of me cleaning yesterday, which included mopping, (hence the mop in my hand). We have a handful of light bulbs that are burned out and we haven't had time/money to replace them yet. So, in order to load/unload the washer and dryer, and do other miscellaneous chores, I have to wear my new headlamp I got for Christmas. I'm sure this looks ridiculous, but it gets the job done ;)}

Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. Holy crap I am DYING. I love you in the headlamp!! hahaha You do what you gotta do, right? :)

    And again, dying. Jilly's hair is getting so long. It's making her look like a big girl. Noooo!!

    1. HAHA It's true! It's the only way I can get laundry done right now ;)
      Her hair is what makes me notice just how big she is now!

  2. Hey Courtney!

    Thanks for finding me! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you...I'm traveling for work! :(

    Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!! {and similar in age to my daughter}

    is your husband a physician?

    1. Oh no problem, and thanks for stopping by!
      Thank you so much :)
      He actually is not. He just got his PhD and is doing medical research for a local start-up company. He just enjoys being called Dr. because it took him 6-1/2 years to finish his degree.

  3. Aww I can't believe how big Jillian looks! Just now catching up with your blog. She's such a big girl! I love that pic of you in the headlamp too!

    Can't wait to see y'all in a few months!
    Love ya!

    1. We're excited too!! YAY!
      Love you too! xoxo


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