Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holy Cow

If you follow me on Twitter, I mentioned that something really really embarrassing happened to me on Sunday. I'm thankful that it's funny now, but it took until today to be able to talk about it outside of my immediate family.

Well, also the fact that something crazy has happened to me everyday since I got home from Minnesota. I've had a good day so far today, so I think it's safe to mention :)

On Sunday, I wore a skirt my mom gave me over Christmas. It fit pretty well and looked cute. A few hours after church, I headed to the grocery store to stock up our fridge. I was there for about an hour by the time I got to the check out line. There was a younger, (early 20's), couple in front of me and a middle-aged man with his preteen daughter behind me. As I start to place my food on the belt, I felt something brush my back. I stopped to figure out what it was. It was my skirt falling to the floor.

You read that correct. My skirt was on the floor.

Thankfully, I was wearing tights. Thankfully, I think only the preteen girl and possibly the man in the younger couple even noticed. I was mortified. No, I was beyond that. The problem? I had to stay and get our groceries. There was no other option for me but to pull up my skirt and keep going. You better believe I checked my skirt's whereabouts every three items. Tugging at it to make sure it didn't happen again.

Monday I tried starting a diet to get me over a weight plateau I've been stuck on for awhile. Well, by lunch time I was starving. I put in what I had eaten and what I was going to have for dinner and it was a grand total of 900 calories. Yes, 900 calories. I decided I wasn't that desperate and ate a small bowl of cereal. I was grouchy until after dinner, but it was worth not starving myself.

Yesterday, I took Jillian to her speech therapy. She did very well and even said "cup" audibly! I was so proud :) As we were getting our stuff together to leave, she smacked me in the right eye. I cannot express how much it hurt. I knew she had scratched my eye, but I didn't know how bad it was. I called Phil from the parking lot and begged him to find an eye doctor to see. I was squeezed in within an hour and found how just how bad she got me. Let's just say, it's not a good sign when the doctor says "oh wow" when they start looking at your eye. She did a good number on me. I go back Friday to see how it's healing. Dr. G said most of these type of wounds heal on their own. However, worst-case-scenario is that he has to remove some of the skin Jillian scrapped. This would make my eye hurt a little worse momentarily, but it would make my eye heal smoothly. Seeing an eye doctor was on my to-do list for the year, so I'm glad I found a good one :) Jillian just sped up the process. Nothing like a first impression, right? I have some antibiotic drops as well as a pain eye drop to keep me comfortable for now.

Like I said early, today is going much better so far. Hopefully my string of bad luck is past me! Hope y'all are having an easier week than I am.


  1. Oh my word! I would have been mortified! Haha! :P You poor thing!

    1. HAHA Well thanks for the sympathy friend! It definitely up there on my list of humiliating moments in my life. Like I said, at least I can laugh about it a little now ;)


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