The Family

Howdy! My name is Courtney :)

I was born in northwest Missouri, lived in southwest Arkansas for 8 years, and have lived somewhere in Oklahoma for the last 20 years. {I do question why I still live in this state every spring because I loathe tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.} I am definitely a southern girl who loves manners, Coca-Cola, college football, fall, sweet tea, red velvet cake, and southern accents. I have so many other likes and dislikes that you could be reading for quite awhile. For some more insight, you can read my long winded about me I wrote when I first started blogging in 2009. I am a stay-at-home mom who will most likely go back to school someday.

This is Phil - my better half :)

Even though he has a PhD, he does not like to be called Dr. Phil, (so don't even think about it!He is a native Oklahoman and proud of it. He enjoys the more sophisticated parts of life, but can definitely let his hair down once in awhile. {And no, that's not a mullet reference} Phil could read most fictions, (preferably sci-fi), or play RPG games and be a very satisfied man. He works at a local start-up company doing research on medical devices.

Together, we started dating when I started college back in 2004, and he became my best friend. We were married in May 2008, then honeymooned in Jamaica. We've been through a lot since our wedding day that has made our relationship stronger. I love him with my whole heart and I'm proud to be his wife. We bought our first home in August 2012, and we're still learning what it means to be homeowners.

This is Jillian - our little Jillybean :)

Born in December of 2011, she is our little, but fierce and beautiful girl! She loves books, animals, Shopkins, puzzles, drawing/painting, and swinging. Although cautious, she also has quite an adventurous spirit that keeps us on our toes. Jillian does have unilateral hearing loss, but she does not let it hold her back! We are hoping to get her a cochlear implant surgery as soon as possible. She is the apple of our eye and gives me plenty of stories to blog about.
You can read about her birth story with photos here, as well as my pregnancy updates & highlights and her monthly updates here.

This is David - our little tomato!

Born in December of 2013 in a slightly dramatic fashion, he is our sweet cuddle bug. David loves food, climbing, running, spinning in circles, Mickey Mouse, The Grossery Gang and Shopkins, being tickled, and cuddling. He is a pretty easy going kid, but will yell just because he can. His curly hair comes and goes with the humidity. He would rather be around people than play with toys. I'm so proud to be his mama.
You can read his birth story with photos here, as well as my pregnancy updates & highlights and his monthly updates here.

This is Lottie - our Vanilla Bean Latte!

Born August 1, 2016, we are loving our little tie breaker. She is our precious little baby bear, and we look forward to watching her grow!
You can read her birth story with photos here, as well as my pregnancy updates & highlights and her monthly updates here.

This is Lexie - our little surprise!

We were surprised to learn that I was pregnant again when Lottie was only 4-1/2 months old. After the initial shock wore off, (and the doctor confirmed all was well), we began to get very excited for our last baby! Lexie will complete our family, and we can't wait to meet her in August :)
You can read my pregnancy updates & highlights here.

This is Olive - our furbaby!

Adopted by us from a local rescue in November of 2015, she is a pure bred brindle boxer. She is fun, and plays very gently with the kiddos. She is still learning how to go on walks, but seems to feel right at home with us. The rescue thinks she is about 3 years old, and gave her the Dogust birthday of August 1st. As Jillian would say, "she's the perfect dog for us!" We love having her around!

I am a face of PCOS. I was diagnosed in November of 2009 and took Metformin with every meal until July of 2015. After changing my eating habits, and losing some weight, (35 pounds in 4 months), the doctor's decided I no longer needed the Metformin to regulate sugar. I was still having ovulation issues, but would require a different medicine if I hadn't gotten pregnant with my third child when I did. For now, on a mostly low-carb carb-cycling diet, (and "diet" being my day to day way of eating), my sugar is under control for the time being. Since PCOS is more than just sugar regulation, I know I need to take my health seriously. I did suffer an early miscarriage in June of 2009, an ectopic pregnancy in June of 2010, and two chemical pregnancies in 2015. If you need someone to listen if you are going through any type of PCOS diagnosis, fertility issues, or carb-cycling journey, I'm more than happy to be there!

Most of the time, I blog about my little family; the things we do, and what we experience. I try to post other interesting things like recipes, crafts, and the like. With young ones in the house, most of my blogging is about Jillian, David, Lottie, and Lexie.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me: mrs.c.ondemand {at} gmail {dot} com. I hope you enjoy my little blog about my world :)
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