Friday, February 15, 2013

Every Day

I found myself writing a tweet a few weeks ago. I was describing a favorite show of mine right now, and began using the phrase "watch religiously". Suddenly, I stopped myself. I began thinking of how often the phrase "{to do something} religiously" is thrown around. How often do I use it for actual religious practices like praying, or attending church, etc? Why is it so much easier to talk that way about secular things and not about my own faith?

There is someone I went to high school with. We were close for a number of years, but I've seen her about once a year the last couple years. The last time I saw her, she admitted that she was starting an affair with a married man. She is married with a child herself. When I asked if her marriage was in trouble, she told me no. She was just bored with her life and wanted some excitement again. {Not that her answer would have excused her behavior in my eyes. I think I would have just understood a little more if there was.} She then proceeded to say that she didn't think God really cared what she did in her daily life, just what she did overall.

I must say that what she said really upset me. I know she briefly went to church in high school, but not so much anymore. I don't know much about the church she attended either. Honestly, I think God does care about our day to day lives and actions. I think he wants to be included in what we do. I think God cares so much about our daily life that he sent his only son to live out an earthly life. This way, he can tell us with confidence that he understands completely. He knows our struggles and why they are so hard to shake. God wants to be there every minute of every day.

Our true nature can be seen when push comes to shove. Some of us fall, some of us keep our ground, and some of us shove back. How we respond shows who we are. While it is important to know who you are in terms of the big picture, it's still important to live our daily lives with that big picture in mind. We can't rely on those few and far between major life events to show God where our heart is.

I didn't really respond to this girl's announcement and proclamation of who she thinks God is. I wasn't sure how to. I knew that she wouldn't not respond well to anything I said about God. It's hard to minister to someone that you know won't listen. I do know that I haven't really spoken to her since and probably won't unless I happen to see her out and about. I just don't want to surround myself with someone who is clearly not interested in seeking God. If nothing else, it's important to my faith walk to be with uplifting, and encouraging people who are in the same walk of life as myself. I just hope she sees the error in this affair and calls it off soon. If not for her and her marriage, but for her child who I'm sure will figure it out someday.

Have I prayed about the situation? Maybe once or twice. I know I should be better about it, but it's something I'm still learning to do myself. I sincerely hope that I can one day say with confidence "I pray religiously", or "I read the bible religiously." Remembering that God is there in the everyday, maybe, just maybe, I can grow a little more in my faith.

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