Monday, February 25, 2013

Waiting for a Blizzard

I find it interesting that we have hardly had any cold weather here in Oklahoma for the majority of winter. However, the last 3 weeks have included at least 1 day where Jillian and I don't leave the house because of snow or ice accumulation. Also, 1 day a week I worry about Phil driving to and from work and being a nervous wreck until I know he's safe. Now I'm sitting here waiting for a blizzard.

That's right, I said blizzard.

I know that seems strange, but this snow storm will include high winds. That will make visibility nearly zero and cause tall drifts of snow. From noon today until about 7 a.m. tomorrow, we'll get anywhere from 3-6 inches of snow. {Maybe even 8" if some models are correct!} Trust me, my Minnesotan dad, (who is in Florida on vacation through tomorrow), is laughing at the fact that he's soaking up sunshine while we get buried in snow. I can't blame him though. It's nice to see the tables turned every so often ;)

Now that February is almost over, I finally got around to uploading some of my phone pics. Please enjoy :)

{All dressed and ready to go to the Farmer's Market with mama and daddy}

{The Farmer's Market!}
{We've gone twice now and it's been really great}

{Our special Super Bowl Dinner!}
{I'll go in more detail in another post later}

{Playing in the park, and looking like such a big girl :)}

{Jillian letting us know she enjoyed her Red Velvet Cookie after her meltdown at her hearing test}

{Church Murder Mystery Dinner! We were able to raise a good amount of money towards our mission trip this summer!}

{I was in charge of helping the youth serve tables. It was crazy busy, but we had fun :)}

{I had to run and get more milk for Jillian before the snow got bad. See the big fluffy flakes?}

{We sold off our car so we could buy my brother's car to help him out. We've been trying to sell his car since he moved in June of 2012, and this scenario ended up working out better. We are now a two car family again!}

{I love my mom :)}

{Baby's first Oreo cookie}

{We went to the zoo and I think this monkey was cold. It reminded me of E.T.!}

{Chocolate frozen yogurt face :)}
{Now you know why I can't say no to this face. Look at those eyes!}

{My Little Bookworm}
{You mean, you don't read two books at once?}

{Sitting in the chair like a big girl :)}


  1. The Minnesotan in me is SO jealous you are getting a blizzard! I'd love to get lots of snow!

    1. Well, the storm ended up stalling and we got a light dusting overnight :-/ Though, there were areas where the storm stalled that got about 22" and it's just a mess!


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