Friday, July 26, 2013

Bébé Deux's Name

I mentioned in this post that we already picked the name David as Bébé Deux's first name. It took some time to officially decide on his middle name. Now, we have our final decision! Bébé Deux will be known as:
David Anthony

When we were first talking about names, we originally wanted to honor both of our fathers. The problem is, we both come from large families. That being said, there were lots of Jameses, and Michaels in the family already. If we were having a girl, we would have named her Charlotte since it is the feminine form of my dad's first name, Charles. Since David is clearly a boy, we needed a new plan. We decided before too long that we would just bite the bullet and do a double name. We were talking about names we really like for boys, and which ones just felt right. When I brought up David, it was almost an immediate yes for both of us. With that in mind, we decided to go with James Michael David.

The problem then became, do we use two first names or two middle names? If David was the last of the three names, how would people know that's the one he goes by? By the time I was through my first trimester, we talked and decided that the name we had chosen would just be a little too much for him. So, we decided to stick with David as the first name, but come up with a new middle name.

We had a short list that we liked, then we asked my father for some name suggestions. True to form, my dad gave us both a fun/joke list, and a serious list of name suggestions. Two of his suggestions were some main competitors in our quest to decide on the perfect name. However, we just felt like Anthony fit the best. Plus, now he has a middle name that starts with "A" just like his daddy :)

I did make a deal with Phil that he could ultimately decide David's name if that means I get to ultimately decide the middle name of our next son. {That's if we have another son. We could have another girl for all I know!} Of course, the other gets to veto any choices we really dislike.

That's how we came up with David's name! Nothing significant besides the names just feeling right. We can't wait to meet him face to face! I found the meaning of his names here.

David - Beloved

Anthony - Priceless

And for something fun, I will explain his nickname: little tomato. {My mom asked so I thought I'd explain to y'all too!} Back in 2010, my former-coworkerladyma'am introduced me to a group called Pink Martini. I got two of their albums from her, and listened to them a lot that summer. When I had my ectopic pregnancy, something inside me always told me I was carrying a girl. {Of course, my mother's intuition was wrong on both counts of my children, but that's just how I felt.} We originally talked about the name Lilly for a girl. Once we figured out I would lose the baby, I felt the lyrics to the song "Lilly" by Pink Martini really fit how I felt. I really wanted her to stay with me, but she had to go because it was meant to be.

Well, one of the albums, (and songs), by Pink Martini is called "Hang on Little Tomato". When I found out about my pregnancy with David, we were leaving for Minnesota in a matter of days. I couldn't get to the doctor to confirm and get reassurance about it not being ectopic until after we returned. With that in mind, I would rub my belly every night and say "hang on little tomato!" I told bébé how much I loved them, and promised to do everything I could to make sure they were good and healthy if they promised to keep growing and hang on. After everything looked perfect at the doctor, the nickname just kind of stuck :) That's why he's my little tomato!


  1. Great and classic name :) I love it!

  2. Love it! And no royal competition (for now!) He will be your own little royal tomato!

    1. Thanks friend! He is my royal tomato ;)

  3. What a nice name! I think the only reason Erin agreed to Ethan is because I told him it's the name that popped into my head the minute they told me it was a boy on the ultrasound.

    1. Thank you!
      I think Ethan is a great name, and he will be an amazing boy :)


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