Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And A Happy New Year

I planned on having a post similar to last year where I went through the year. It was really fun to put together, and I loved reflecting on 2013.

Honestly, the reason I did not this year is two-fold: 1) I did not blog about everything that happened this year. Let's face it, I was very sporadic this year. 2) I am so thankful for the good things from this year, but I am saying "Peace Out Hombre!" to 2014.

The year started with trying to get used to being a family of four. Things were a little rocky at first, but we were hopeful.

Then I was diagnosed with postpartum depression.

Then Phil hurt his knee so badly that he needed surgery to correct it.

{Keep in mind, this all happened before May 1st}

Several other things came up throughout the year. My parents moved. We had still have a financial crisis we would not have even realized without the help of a finanacial class at church. We had to buy a new car. David was hospitalized.

All in all, it was quite a year.

There were some really awesome things too! The Royals made it to the World Series. My brother got engaged. We had an amazing holiday season with my family. I went on another fulfilling mission trip as a youth sponsor.

I feel like I really grew up this year. For the most part, I have a positive attitude towards 2015. Phil and I agree that, as long as we can make it to May 1st without any major issues popping up, we'll be able to handle it with no problem :)

Happy New Year my sweet friends!

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