Monday, December 1, 2014

David: {Twelve Months}

David –

You are 12 months old today. That means you a officially a one-year-old boy :) According to our measurements at home, you are 21 lbs, 4 oz and 28-3/4 inches long. The next appointment you have is awhile from now, so I may not post any official measurements here. That means you have gained 14 lbs 4 oz, and 9-1/4 inches since birth!

You are in 12 Month clothing, though you can fit into a few 6-12 Month clothes we have. You wear size 4 diapers, and size 2 shoes if we can get them on your feet.

Garfield is the nickname you have acquired when it comes to food. You will try just about anything, and you very rarely dislike something. We can tell you love it when you shove it in your mouth like there's no tomorrow! The only foods you have yet to try are fish and honey. You love popcorn flavored rice cakes, lasagna, milk, cheese, bread, meats, egg, tomatoes, spaghetti, and green beans. You started drinking half formula and half milk right after your 11 month birthday. By the middle of November, you were on whole milk all of the time. You also are done with bottles! You use the same type of sippy cup your sister has, and you seem to like it that way. You usually get a cup of milk during your meals, and right before bedtime. You don't mind it being nice and cold, and straight from the fridge.

You have 4 teeth, with 2 more making their way down! Just before Thanksgiving, you popped two of your top teeth. The 2 we are waiting on are also on top. You were a little on the cranky side while you teethed, but it was mostly because you needed extra snuggles :)

Walking is what you are most focused on Bug. You crawl really fast, and you love chasing after sister. You will take steps if we hold your hand, and you are cruising all over the place. You can pull to standing easily. The few moments you hurt yourself is usually when you're trying to get back down to sitting from standing position. You don't cry all that often, which tells us you really did bonk your head/mouth/face. It'll be interesting to see just how soon you'll start walking. You just started dancing a bit to music, and it is the cutest thing!

We really lucked out in the sleeping department with you! It may take a bit for you to settle down sometimes, but you usually go to sleep and sleep through the night, (even when you were teething!) Naps are a little harder. You will take a short nap in the morning if mama holds you close. The afternoon nap is trickier. You usually cry as soon as mama puts you in the crib. However, when you go to sleep, you will stay asleep for at least an hour. Now, if sister is wanting a nap in the room too, you will not sleep at all. You will stand up, talk to her, and cry until someone comes for you.

You have always been a serious baby. For the most part, you observe everything around you, and only interact when you are familiar. Now that you're a fast crawler, you do tend to run off to explore once you're ready. Being observant also means you are very smart. You can point to people and things if we ask. You like pointing as if to ask us what or who it is. You can say "mama," but you don't really have any other words yet. Considering where you are with your physical skills, I know that's coming. You don't seem to be as into books as your sister, which is just fine. This means mama gets to be creative about how to help with your language skills. You do like to play with a few items. You don't have many favorite toys yet, but you do like to pick things up to bang together. You can also put items into containers, which seems to be fun for you. You would much rather be with people than play with toys. You are much more of a cuddler than your sister, so you usually just want to be in someone's arms or lap. Similar to your sister at this age, if you go into another room and realize you're alone, you cry until someone comes to rescue you. You have the sweetest laugh, which usually only comes out when you're being tickled, (and boy are you ticklish!) You smile and make this gasping and/or squealing sound if you find something funny. I can't wait to hear you belly laugh at something :) You can blow kisses, which is just the sweetest thing! You enjoy listening to music! You sway a little, and will bounce to the beat from time to time. You definitely like classical music, and few others, but you don't have many favorites yet. You do enjoy watching Daniel Tiger or Elmo if sister ever let's us change the channel from Thomas or Yo Gabba Gabba. Mama has an Elmo Calls app on her phone that you just love!

Thanksgiving was the final holiday you got to celebrate as a first! We went up to Tulsa on Thanksgiving day to spend time with your Grandma, Papa, Uncle Mike, Aunt Jessica, and a few other extended family members. We had a fun day, and you ate well! Even though mama and sister got sick that night, you were just fine :) We even celebrated your birthday before we headed home a few days later. Next week, we'll take a cookie cake to church to celebrate your and your sister's birthday with your church friends and family. Tonight, we will Skype with grandparents so that they can see you on your big day!

David, words fail to express just how I'm truly feeling today. Watching you grow, and having the honor of calling you my son, is more than I could have ever asked for. God truly blessed us with you, and I hope you feel blessed to have us as your family. Your sweet nature, your smile, those blue eyes, and your love bring such a level of joy in this house. As your mama, I am so thankful that you are here. This year was a tough one, but we made it together. We may not be the perfect family, but you have filled a hole in our family that we didn't even know existed. Thank you for being you. I love you more than I can ever say. Here's to the next 12 months, times infinity :)

Now some outtakes:
 {Things started out ok...}
 {Then we had a little birthday attitude going on}
{It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to...}
 {Captions this mama}
 {Those eyes kill me. If only you could see him smile too :)}
 {Just trying to climb into the chair, no biggie mama}
 {Annnnnnd we're done. The chair obviously hurt his feelings ;)}

And some comparisons!
{Months 1-3}
{Months 4-6}
{Months 7-9}
{Months 10-12}

{Left: Jillian 12/2012 Right: David 12/2014}

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  1. Happy Birthday! Toddler Davey doesn't have quite the same ring, but they all have to grow up!


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