Tuesday, December 1, 2015

David: {2 Years}

David –

You are 2 years old today! I cannot believe it has been that long since we drove through the fog and met you faster than we anticipated! You are going to the doctor in a few days, so I will update later with your official stats. According to our at home measurements, you are 27lbs, 3 oz and 33 inches long. 

You wear mostly 18-24 Month, and a few 2T clothes. You wear size 4 Luvs or Pampers Cruisers brand diapers for the daytime and size 4 Huggies Overnight for bed. You currently wear size 6 shoes.

Eating is still relatively easy with you, but you are starting that phase of "You can't make me eat if I don't wanna!" that has a nice little pouty face with crossed arms to go with it. You are fed three meals and two snacks. If we let you, you’d just graze all day long, and seem to like smaller meals over large ones. We are fortunate that you are not really picky eater, and I can count on one hand the foods you absolutely will not eat. You will at least try most foods you see. You drink whole milk and water. Juice is ok from time to time, but it is usually too sweet for you. You use both sippy cups with straws and cups without a lid.

You have 16 teeth! All we’re missing are those two-year molars and you’ll be done growing teeth.

Sleep is great! You take one nap, (or have quiet time) in the late afternoon for about 3 hours. Nighttime sleeping is going well too! You still take a paci for naptime, but you sleep overnight without a pacifier. You have your new big boy bed sheets, but your daddy will be making your big boy bed in the next month or two. Hopefully the transition isn't too bad :)You also have bad dreams every so often, but a quick cuddle usually helps.

Speech is finally improving! Having a very talkative sister made it hard for you to get started. Now, you can say about 30 words, and can make about 10 animal sounds! Most of your words are pretty clear, but some only mama and sometimes daddy can understand. Also, you are beginning to mumble to prayers or songs we sing on a regular basis. No full singing yet, but you're getting there! You can also point to most body parts when asked. Your personality is starting to really show. You are a sweet and caring boy, and you are also very flirtatious ;) However, you have your mama's, (and sister's), stubborn side. {Your poor daddy!} Recently, you began bowing if people clap for you. It's so funny! You also wave hello/goodbye, blow kisses, fake hiccup, make faces, and squeal/scream at the top of your lungs just because you can. You like to help pick up, and you already put your lunch dishes in the sink without being asked! You are also incredibly ticklish, and we love to hear you laugh! You've only belly laughed a few times, but it is the sweetest sound in the world to me :) 

You are a man on the go! You absolutely keep us on our toes by running and climbing on everything in sight. And boy, are you fast! We are lucky that you haven’t had any major spills, but you definitely have had a few injuries. We joke you'll either be a chef or a drummer. You love to watch, and help in the kitchen, and you love banging on anything that makes noise. You've even snuck off with some drum sticks at church ;) You have been relatively healthy all year! You just had the end of either a really nasty cold, or two back-to-back colds. Either way, we think you're finally on the mend!

Some of your nicknames are: Davey, Davey Boy, Bud, LT, and Mister Man.

Things you love: Cookies, the color red or blue, Mickey Mouse, Yo Gabba Gabba, silly faces, pizza, broccoli, riding bikes, strawberries, Scout from LeapFrog, Super Why, climbing, sliding, swinging, playing with Sissy if she's being nice, big hugs, church, books, food, the TV, and milk.

Things you don't like: Bubble baths (most of the time), ice cream (or any cold dessert), car rides (long or short), having your toes or ears messed with for any reason, getting your nails clipped, getting wiped off after a meal, having people in your face/space when you're first waking up, and being told no.

Since your first birthday, you've had your first hospital stay, your first haircut, your first words, your first steps, and your first car accident (just a small fender bender). It's been quite a year for our family, but you seem to take everything in stride. You're not as sensitive as your big sister, but you certainly let us know how you are feeling. You are opinionated, sweet, and love fiercely. You even give mama hugs and smiles when she seems sad or frustrated. Unfortunately for us, you also know you're cute, and try to use it to your advantage ;) Also, we adopted a dog just a few weeks ago! You were not very sure about Olive, then warmed up to her, then got dis-interested again. HAHAHA I can tell you like her, but I think having her be the same height as you can be intimidating. Someday, I'm sure you two will have a great relationship!

David, you are such a gift to this family. You make our lives so much richer, and we just love watching you grow up. We truly believe God has great things in store for you. How lucky are we to be there with you. We love you little tomato! :)

Some outtakes:
{Wait! What's over there mama?}

{This is his flirty look ;)}

{Cheese face!}

And comparisons:
{David in the last 12 months}

{David at 1 month, 1 year, and 2 years}

{Left: Jillian 12/2013 Right: David 12/2015}

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