Monday, November 30, 2015

November Highlights

November ended up being a crazy month for us! It's usually pretty busy, but we had two major events happen!

{We started the month with a stressful game of baseball. This is me eating my stress ball!}

{Luckily, at the midnight hour, we won! The Royals won the World Series for the first time since before I was born! It was a long, but exciting night :)}

{The kiddos picked apart my fall wreath, so I made a new one. It didn't come out exactly like I wanted, but it looks good to me}

{I had to jump online and order our Thanksgiving pie early. Good thing I did that, because they sold out of spots 2 days later!}

{I had to kill a big spider when I was home alone with David. Turns out it was a baby tarantula, but I didn't care. That thing had to go!}

{We adopted a dog! We put in an application for Maleah through The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma on a Friday, and this is us picking her up from the kennel facility on Sunday! She's about 3 years old, house-broken, and sweet as can be! We have renamed her Olive :)}

{Two days after adopting Olive, Phil had to go out of town for work. Of course, David got some kind of illness, and it caused this crazy rash for a few hours! We all survived, but we were glad to have daddy home}

{After a crazy week, I had a hair appointment. That was just what mama needed!}

{Jillian had her Thanksgiving Feast at preschool! She is the cutest little Pilgrim who can't keep her bonnet on ;)}

{This is a very true to form family selfie (minus Phil who had to work)}

{David's fever and cough continued, and Jillian decided to join in the fun the week before Thanksgiving}

{Jillian's stuff became an ear infection, so antibiotics for her! It was in her right ear, (the one with hearing loss), and it made her cry in pain the night before we took her to the doctor. That was a hard night for me as a mama :(}

{We ordered our turkey for Thanksgiving, and boy was it worth it! Just smelling the box when I took the turkey out was heavenly!}

{My parents made it to town the day before Thanksgiving. They showed Jillian their favorite move: legs on the wall. There's a song to go along with it ;)}

{I thought I'd make a fun appetizer for the kids! It didn't turn out too badly, if I say so myself!}

{Our Thanksgiving pregame: Homemade Chex Mix, Crackers with Spray Cheese and a Cheese Ball, and a Fruit Turkey}

{David seemed to like the spray cheese}

{So much to be thankful for!}

{Some Pumpkin Pie and Cider!}

{A few days after Thanksgiving, we had a small ice storm. However, most of the leaves on the trees had not fallen yet, so there was a lot of tree damage. We even lost a branch on our front yard tree. Thankfully, we always had power!}

{Icy Scarecrows}

{These three are the best <3}

{3 days after Thanksgiving, I got a second positive pregnancy test. And compared to the first one, it was getting darker. Time to call my doctor for a blood test!}

{Phil took Jillian to her first movie theater movie, (The Minions), but I was bummed I couldn't go with them. I decided to take her to see The Good Dinosaur as a Mommy-Jilly date. She had a good time, and the movie was pretty cute!}

{We ended the month with a trip to the Science Museum with friends! We had a good time, even though I momentarily lost David, (he was nearby, just hiding), and we left Mars the bear behind. Luckily, the museum had Mars in the lost and found and he returned home}

Like I said, two big things happened: a new dog, and possibly a new baby! 

Hope your November was good to you, too!

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