Monday, October 31, 2016

October Highlights

October is a crazy month for us. It's when our schedule is in full swing, and the downhill slide into holidays/birthdays. It is fun, but certainly tiring.

Here are some of the highlights for us in October!

{I got the CUTEST sibling picture!}

{We spent the weekend at Phil's folks house. They have some Play-Doh for the kids, and they just love it!}

{When we got home, we noticed Target was having a sale on Halloween costumes. We decided to go ahead and get them!}

{David wanted to be a Ninja Turtle too}

{Those turtles are so helpful ;)}

{We took advantage of the free kid dinner at IHOP. The kids LOVED trying every flavor of syrup they had on the table}

{I don't even recall why he's doing this, but he sure is cute :)}

{Of course on picture day at preschool, it is super humid so David's hair was wild. He sure was handsome!}

{This popped up on my Timehop app. The one on the left was from our whirlwind trip to KC for a Royals game during the Playoffs. He is still just as adorable <3}

{Obsession: Baby Feet}

{We decorated for Halloween! I got these window clings on clearance last year}

{I really like this banner!}

{This was so adorable! It was a kit from Target for $7! Sure it's not meant to last more than a year. And sure, having a west facing house meant we had to reapply some of the face pieces. Was it fun? Yes! Was it worth it? Oh definitely :)}

{Sleeping Beauty}

{Jillian is loving her new pjs ;) I took this on a day she stayed home from school. We don't think she was actually sick, but we figured we'd better be safe than sorry}

{Struggle Bun in Full Force}

{After-Vaccine cuddles with Lottie}

{We had a Groupon for a local farm. It was warmer than we hoped, but we still had a great time!}

{Cutest little pumpkin in the patch <3}

{We got free pumpkins at the farm, so we decided to paint them!}

{David used every single color}

{I usually hate mixed up colors/paints/Play-Doh, but this was an awesome shot}

{We found out the hard way that Lottie has a VERY sensitive gag reflex :( She vomited for a few days in a roll before we figured out how to help her}

{Went to Tulsa for TU Homecoming! She slept through most of it}

{Eating at the Alumni Tent at Homecoming}
{I got to take Jillian to my sorority house. It was fun to do, even though her favorite parts were 1) the bean bag chairs, and 2) the giant stuffed bear}

{This is my one good hair day since my brother's wedding in April. Look closely, and remember it. It may never look this good again for a long time! HAHAHA}

{Finally joined Pottermore, and discovered I'm a Hufflepuff! And of COURSE Phil is a Ravenclaw :-/ #hejusthadtobeabird}

{Trying out the Bumbo seat!}

{That escalated quickly...}
{Those pictures were taken about 45 seconds apart}

{Had a check up with my Primary Doctor because my BP is still elevated for me. For now, he just wants me to lose a little weight, and trying to stay as relaxed as possible. I don't need medicine yet, and hopefully I won't need it. I'll go back in January for a follow up}

{Came out of the doctor's office to see this...}

{David being a big helper while mama's tire gets patched. Shout out to my local Goodyear store who had this awesome coloring book with stickers for him! Made the wait even easier!}

{Needed caffeine before rehearsals at church, and I found an unused gift card in my nightstand drawer! Yay :)}

{The day I decided to document my day on Instagram Stories, there was a HAWK EATING A BABY BUNNY!!! At first, I didn't know why it was there. A few hours later, I saw the bunny carcass. That's lovely...}

{Ummm... I think you're a little ahead of the game there Jimmy John's}

{Davey "driving" the bus at church}

{I loved the perfect spirals on this pumpkin!}

{Helping sell pumpkins at church!}

{Yes, it's late October. Yes, my children are wearing shorts and short sleeves/tank tops. Yes, we would like some real fall weather if you could spare it!}

{Lottie ALMOST rolled from back to belly! She was trying so very hard}

{Had a Halloween costume photo shoot early. Usually there's too much excitement before Trick-or-Treating, so I do it early. I love my Ninja Turtle, Dino, and French Kiss}

{Now that Jillian can read, this is usually what my car looks like. David and Lottie are fast asleep, and Jillian has head buried in a book}

{Ain't it the truth?}
{Sweet smiles to wish you a Happy Halloween!}

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