Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lottie: {Three Months}

Lottie –

You are three months old today! You are officially an infant, and out of the newborn stage of life. It's hard to believe it's been that long since you jetted into our lives that summer morning :)

According to our measurements at home, you are 12 lbs, 9 oz and 23-1/2 inches long.

Mostly 3 Month, and a few 0-3 Month clothes are what you are wearing these days. You wear size 1 diapers, though we may move you up to size 2 soon.

For feedings, you have about between 6-7 feedings a day and eat an average of 25 ounces. You were eating really well up until your 2 month vaccines. You dropped to eating about 20 oz a day, and it took us nearly 2 full weeks to get you back to your old feeding rhythm. You did well with the shots otherwise! We also just moved you to the next level of nipple for your bottles. This has cut down on feeding lengths, as well as keeps you from taking a cat nap in the middle of your feeding. I suspect you were getting too tired of sucking so hard that you needed a little reboot before finishing :) You eat mostly Similac Supplement formula, and we're on our final freezer bags of mommy's milk. We've also started mixing a little Similac for Spit Up with added rice starch to help with refluxing. You were starting to vomit due to reflux and your incredibly sensitive gag reflex. You threw up about 4 times in 5 days. Since added the different formula to our regimen, you have not thrown up, and your spit up episodes are less. You still hiccup a lot, which is fine ;)

Your clogged tear duct finally opened up about a week after your 2 month birthday! I'm sure you appreciate not getting your eye messed with constantly by mama. Unfortunately, you are getting over your first official cold. We've all been a little stuffed up with light coughing. Hopefully, we'll all get better soon!

Bath and floor time are your favorite activities as of now. That is, unless you're hungry ;) You're starting to kick in the tub just a little, and you grabbed your toes a few days ago! You have smiled for all of us, and you love to hear how pretty and sweet you are. When mama greets you with "Hey Girl, Hey!" you usually give a big grin :) You laughed for mama and daddy, though you won't do it for the camera just yet. The ceiling fan is your new favorite "person" and you could smile at it all morning. 

You are starting to recognize us more and more. Our voices can get you calm, and you usually smile when you first see us :)

The swing is a love/hate thing for you, but you would rather be held. You're starting to enjoy sitting up more than laying down. You're still getting used to Bumbo seat.

You can get overwhelmed easily in our crazy house, but mama does too sometimes ;) We just swaddle you, give you a pacifier, and take you to a different room for a little bit. Sometimes white noise stuff helps, and other times it makes you madder. Also, you're still not sure about pacifiers, but you're taking to them a little more than before!

Bedtime sleeping is great, though that makes you a cat napper during the day. The doctor told us to just be thankful you sleep through the night :) You usually got 9-1/2 hours between your last bottle of the day, and your first bottle of the morning.

Tummy time is not horrible, but you certainly get tired of it easily. You were trying SO hard to roll from back to belly the other day! You got stuck on your side, and never quite made it. That's ok, there's plenty of time for all that.

You're a good errand buddy because you usually sleep through it! HAHAHA I also get lots of sweet comments about how lovely you are :) I love that we get some special time just the two of us on Tuesdays when brother and sissy are at extended day for preschool. It'll be even more fun when we can play together!

Most car rides are ok with you. If you're going to be fussy, usually have the car in motion with the radio on will get you to settle down. Well, maybe 95% of the time. That other 5%? Well, we don't really talk about that ;) We get through it as best we can!

Lottie Dottie, we just love you to pieces. You are a wonderful baby, and we're so glad you're a part of this family. We're excited to see more of your personality come out as you continue to grow! 

And now a few outtakes:
{Sleepy baby was not wanting to wake up for pictures!}

{Say whaaaaa?}

{Making spit bubbles and scootchin' down her chair}

{Ole senorita!}


{This bear again mom?!}

{Ack! Mama save me!}

And a few comparisons :)
{Lottie at 1, 2, and 3 months}

{Left: Jillian 3/2012 Middle: David 3/2014 Right: Lottie 11/2016}

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