Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Valentine's Day 2014

I will most likely end up doing a big picture post at the end of the month. I've had such a hard time keeping up with photos!

Valentine's Day didn't start off super great. Phil and I had some miscommunication before he left for work, so we were both in a not-so-great mood.

Originally, I was going to order something for dinner, pick up the playroom, and we would eat picnic style in the playroom.


First and foremost, Phil and I had to resolve our miscommunication. Once we did, he informed me that he was having an awful day. He works with blood, and some of it had leaked all over his lab. He was spending most of the day cleaning it. In the middle of cleaning, he nearly fell on the floor! Phil caught himself, but he did pop his knee out of place in the process :( He got it back in place, but it's been sore ever since.

Between his bad knee, and having a baby who needed some extra snuggling, we decided to just go to dinner as a family. We packed up the kids and went to Fazoli's! We were going to take a slice of cheesecake home, but it got left at our table :-/ Luckily, we had some chocolate covered pretzels at home that we all shared while watching "The Little Mermaid" :)

I did receive some beautiful tulips, and we had some cute handmade cards from my folks that we enjoyed.

It may not have been a perfect day, but I went to bed feeling loved. That's all that matters!

I also did a little mini photo session with the kids too.
{Ah the joys of taking a 2 year-old's picture ;)}
{This is her saying "Cheese"} 

{Her laugh is contagious though!} 

{David says "Ladies, there is room for one more in this chair!"} 

{Those eyes} 

{Already a couple of goofballs!} 

{My babies <3} 

{Beautiful flowers} 

{Jillian is more than happy to help us eat these pretzels ;)} 

{Jillian decided to wear my sunglasses during the movie} 

{Three of my favorite people on the couch next to me!}

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