Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Highlights

Here is our first recap of the year! Here are the highlights of our month :)
{Jillian starting off the year coloring in our messy house. What can I say? #reallifeyo}

{My favorite Christmas gift!}

{Phil and I before we went off to a birthday dinner for a friend of ours <3}

{I was the last one, but even I got hit with a cold. Some alka-seltzer, ken ken puzzles, and 7th Heaven on Hulu to the rescue!}

{Spending some time with my bud while Sissy is in preschool :)}

{The last (late) Christmas gift! We got it all setup and ready to go. Clearly they are expert sharers ;)}

{Well, we don't have to worry about him thinking medicine is yucky HAHA}

{Jillian wanted an astronaut helmet like on Daniel Tiger. I was able to make this, and it turned out pretty well! She stopped playing with it 5 minutes later, and has yet to play with it again :-/}

{I got to go to a short women's retreat in town. Nice to be close to home, yet able to get spiritually recharged :)}

{We went to a BBQ place we like, and decided David should try the blackberry cobbler. This was his first bite...}

{and this is his second bite! HAHAHA We have another cobbler lover in the house!}

{I was making Jillian's one-eyed penguin dance to Taylor Swift. Jillian was not amused}

{Davey testing out Jillian's new car seat. We bought a second one so that Phil could take her to school on his way to work 1 day a week. It makes my schedule much less hectic!}

{We were assigned snacks for preschool during Dinosaur Month, so I made these Dino Eggs! They are just homemade Rice Krispie treats with crushed up Oreos in the shape of eggs. They were a big hit!}

{This picture has a long story with it}
{The other day, I went to use the restroom in the master bathroom. Davey followed me, like he usually does. This time, he crawled into our shower instead of following me all the way to the toilet. I called for him to come out almost immediately. He was in there for about 10 seconds tops. As he crawled out of the shower, I noticed something on his hands. Turns out, he had picked up a discarded razor blade, and had cut his hand while he gripped it. I ran over and pried it away from his hand. There was blood everywhere like a cheap horror film! I called Phil in a panic, mostly because I was putting pressure on it, but his fingers just kept bleeding! It finally stopped, and we figured out that fingertips just bleed more than other body parts. I washed his hands off as best I could, and made a makeshift band aid for his whole hand. After the screaming and crying, (plus all the noises that David was making), everything settled down. I gave him an Oreo to see if that would make peace. So this is a picture of his terrible band aid, and his blood & Oreo covered face and pjs. I'm so glad he's ok, but now we have to be extremely careful about things like discarded razor blades}

{Taking a walk on a beautiful day :)}

{I went as an adult sponsor for a youth weekend retreat. The camp we went to was beautiful :)}

{Taking a group picture before heading home}

{Errbody in the Jeep gettin' sleepy}
{whisper: Errbody in the Jeep gettin' sleepy}

{Just a little Wild Kratts in the afternoon}

{Trying to make a simple lunch for the kiddos. Davey dumped this entire plate 15 seconds after the picture was taken}

{Laundry: The Chore the Never Ends}

{Tried a new recipe that was a family hit! Spaghetti and Meatball Soup is a winner :)}

{Finally finished Jillian's room! It's not perfect, but she loves it}

{Jillian has done this puzzle so many times that she just did it upside down!}

{We went to a high school carnival because the fundraising they are doing will benefit Jillian's hearing clinic! She got to bounce in a bounce house, got a glittery heart tattoo on her hand, got a sucker, and got a princess makeover with eyeshadow and lipgloss. Girlfriend has a great afternoon!}
{And thank goodness we didn't win a goldfish!}

{Me and my girl at the carnival!}

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