Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Our Easter this year was relatively low key since we're all still recovering from our colds. Here are some highlights:

{The Easter Bunny left a family basket this year. Since we're all still recovering from our colds, this was probably the best option instead of SO much candy}

{David checking out the basket}

{I just love his hair! HAHA}

{He seemed to really like the book too}

{Of course Jillian wanted to go after the chocolate first ;)}

{That smile :)}

{A quick egg hunt in between the rain at church!}

{David kind of understood, but next year I'm sure he'll be all about it!}

{After a busy morning, we went home, and got our jammies on! We were finally feeling better, and we were ready to relax.}
{He is Risen! Allelujah!}

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