Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Highlights

April was a pretty hectic month for our family. I don't have many pictures, but I can assure you were had plenty to do!

{I just love his sweet profile <3}

{Date night!}

{Jillian keeps falling asleep UNDER her bed. Goofy girl!}

{This was my last time to make snack for Jillian's preschool class, so I went all out with little pig faces!}

{Phil's brother finished our Christmas gift - A shelf for the kitchen made out of the old wood from my family dinning room table! It is very beautiful, and means so much to me :)}

{I attempted my first crocheting project, which was really just practicing the stitching. Jillian is using it as a doll blanket for now!}

{I went out for a girl's night! It was tons of fun just hanging out with these lovely ladies :)}

{Finally got the bookshelf hung up!}

{David and I went to a friend's house, and David found these to play with. He's adorable <3}

{We had a few long rehearsals for a special choir Phil and I were in. We even made the news for the concert!}

{This little man... he is now very special to me. The special choir Phil and I were a part of was composed of 168 people in honor of the 168 victims of the Murrah Building Bombing. I was not living in Oklahoma at the time of the bombing, but it is something that has definitely made an impact on my life the longer I live here. As I meet survivors, hear people's stories... it just gets to me. We were asked to pick a name to represent that person in our special concert/worship service. This service was to bring hope and peace on the 20th anniversary of this tragic day. I found out that David was almost the same age as Tevin to the day. That made singing a little harder because I felt so overwhelmed with emotions. Thankfully, I was able to push through, and I am now connected to this boy until the day I die. I sure hope our songs were comforting for those still suffering.}

{Trying to teach Jillian to blow bubbles herself. It took several tries, but she got the hang of it!}

{Jillian has been requesting this song a lot lately, which definitely puts me in a good mood :)}

{We got a small picnic table for the kids to use in the house. They approve!}

{We celebrated Earth Day with special cupcakes from Gigi's and they were delicious!}

{I bought two mugs like this and sent the other to my mom. This way, we can think of each other every time we use it :)}

{Making goofy faces with my girl}

{Daddy went on a Men's Retreat with church, so I got to spend the weekend with the kiddos. I sure love his smile :)}

{We got Jillian a haircut! It is helping with her hair, but it can still get pretty crazy. I'm just not used to caring for fine hair since my is so thick! If you have any tips, I am all ears!}

{During our weekend without daddy, Jillian headbutted me and gave me a fat lip. It looks worse than it felt, but it didn't feel good}

{Amen to that!}

{I may have an OCD about this. Don't judge me!}

{We ended this month with the first official "swim" in our backyard pool. David looks like such a grown up in the chair :)}

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