Monday, July 27, 2015

Catching Up

Holy Moly! Here we are towards the end of July, and I have no idea where my summer went!

No, I take that back. I know exactly what happened. We have been insanely busy. In fact, a friend of mine recently said something along the lines of "We put everything off for the summer when we have time. Then, we put so much off for the summer, there's no way to accomplish it all." So very true.

So I'm going to do a quick overview of what I've been up to the last few weeks :)

1. Health -
I usually see most of my doctors for a check-up during the summer. This means I've seen the dermatologist, the eye doctor, the primary care physician, the chiropractor, and the dentist is in two weeks. I should be done with the chiropractor after my appointment this Wednesday. My primary care physician is actually wanting to run some blood tests which means I need to avoid breads, pastas, pizzas, etc., and stop taking Metformin until he sees the numbers. He suspects I may have a thyroid issue, but he won't know for sure until the test. I will get the test done in mid-September. Until then...

2. Eating -
I get to start carb-cycling/meal prepping! I tried carb-cycling before, but I didn't do the prep work beforehand. I felt like it was too time-consuming, and stopped after about 2 weeks. This time, I actually prepped my lunches and such. I'm not far into it, but so far I feel pretty hopeful. Well, definitely more so than before! The real trick will be when we go out of town to visit my folks in a few weeks.

3. Hair -
Not only did I get a refresh on my hair, but David got his first haircut! It's still wavy/curled, so hopefully it'll stay that way :) I'll do a separate post on his first haircut soon.

4. Mission Trip -
I had the opportunity to go to Mission, SD for a mission trip. It was another Native American reservation. This year was a little harder for a few reasons: a) David got sick with a high fever, but he was in good hands. I still wanted to just hold him :( b) Poverty, drug use, and alcohol use were pretty prevalent on this reservation. It was not easy to see. c) My car ended up needing a new alternator while I was gone. Yay expenses we were not prepared for :-/ d) My normal mission trip buddy did not go this year. Despite that, it was overall a great week! We got 49 homes completed, all of our kiddos had a good time, and I met some awesome kids in my crew :) I'm so thankful I get the chance to go on these trips every year. Not sure where we'll be next time, but I know it'll be fun!

5. Melting -
I don't know about y'all, but it is hot hot hot here! Not just the temperature, but the humidity is 1000%. Hopefully things will cool down a little. I am certainly thankful for a working air conditioner :)

So there you have it. Now we only have 3ish weeks before our youth kids start school, and then Jillian starts preschool on September 1st. Before we know it, it'll be birthday season! (aka December)

Do you have any end-of-summer plans?


  1. Sounds like a mostly fun summer so far. It hasn't been too hot here for the most part, which I am loving! We are mostly relaxing for the rest of the summer, but do have a fun birthday adventure planned for Jimmy and myself!

    1. I'm glad it hasn't been too hot for y'all! It's only been in the 100's a few times, but the humidity is what has really killed us here. I can't wait to hear about the adventure! I'm sure it'll be awesome :)


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