Friday, July 31, 2015

July Highlights

July went by quick for us! I'm sure part of it had to do with trips, doctor appointments, and stuff like that! Here are a few highlights from our month:

{We started July off by having a HUGE slip'n'slide at church! The kids had a blast eating pizza, and getting soaking wet :)} 

{Speaking of wet, it literally pours rain. We go through periods of horrible heat that are broken up by sudden downpours. It has certainly been an interesting summer weather-wise!} 

{Phil and I got a date night to see Jurassic World together. I took this picture for my dad who is pretty excited about this movie ;)} 

{We made a quick trip up to Tulsa to see fireworks by the river. We can't seem to find a good spot at home, so we may just stick with Tulsa for a few more years. We had a good time!} 

{We stopped by a local attraction for some soda! The lemonade was Jillian's, but it was too sweet for her. Note to self: Jilly likes her lemonade sour} 

{We got to visit with my brother and his fiance for a few hours! It was great to see them, especially since they live so far away. Jillian had a great time, but fell asleep just as they were leaving. Silly girl!} 

{Getting ready for my mission trip this year was hard because I had to pack a bag for everyone in the family! Phil was headed to KC for the weekend, Jillian was heading to Wisconsin with my folks, and David was going to Tulsa with Phil's parents. Lots of organizing, but luckily I love to make lists :)} 

{David got his first haircut! It's still curly-ish, so I'm happy. He looks like such a little man now!} 

{My instagram got hacked by some pretty cool chicks in SD ;) These three girls are a part of our youth group}

{Jillian really loved her bed that Jemma made for her. They don't have a "bed" for Jillian, so she made this. It's pretty neat!} 

{The house my crew (plus another crew the last 2 days), worked on. We scraped, primed, and painted the whole exterior. We even put new siding up on the side of the house pictured in the second photo. It was hard work, but we did great! I'm proud of my crew, and of the kids from our church. We did a lot of good that week!} 

{I cuddled this guy a lot when I got home. He got sick the last part of the week I was on my mission trip, so he got extra snuggles :)} 

{In an effort to make up for being gone, I let me kiddos play with chalk in the kitchen. (It washes off real easy!) I just LOVE these footprints <3} 

{We tried a new (to us) play place in town, and had a great time! Well, minus a rude mom as we were leaving, but we will be returning regardless!}

{This boy and his smiles :) He is also obsessed with our wagon. I'm not sure if it's because the wagon is red, or because he likes being outdoors}

{Jillian got to go to her first movie theater movie! She had a great time, and Phil was excited she asked to go with him. I guess that means I get to take David to his first movie ;)}

{First attempt at meal prepping! I am thankful that Phil was able to help me. Hopefully this will continue to be easier/faster!}


{Jillian was finally ready to try her tricycle! It went really well for a first time, and I know she's ready to master it :)}

{We had a fun time at a LOFT (youth group) swim party! Jillian was even able to "swim" with her floatie all by herself! David was a little unsure, but had fun. (And don't worry, he was completely safe in my hands!)}


  1. Davey looks so grown up in the wagon! Looks like you had a ton of fun too. I bet the pool party was nice with all the heat you've been having!

    1. Gosh, I know right?! He is such a little man now. The pool was nice! I'm glad I'm finally letting go of my body fears and just getting into the pool with my kids. I skipped stuff like that up until this summer.


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