Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Highlights

October was quite the month for us. Lots of things going on, a few colds here and there, and Halloween is the beginning of chaos in this house. Shortly after Halloween is Thanksgiving, then birthdays, then Christmas, and before we know it, it'll be 2016. Here's a glimpse of our month.

{Jillian had a homework assignment of creating a girl to represent her. I helped cut and glue, but she picked out everything herself!}

{They were all displayed at open house night}

{We decorated the house for Halloween! Some of them got a little ghetto, but that's ok ;)}

{The big fuzzy spider on our door. We're hoping it'll keep all the real spiders, (including fiddle backs!), away}

{We went to a TU game, and we got several prizes before the game started. Jillian has been posing with her tongue out a lot lately =P}

{Davey wearing Papa's hat. He would clap and watch the game, while Jillian would yell "Yay football players" and "Can I go to the bouncey castle yet?}

{Jillian went with me to a local high school football game to support some of our youth kids at church. Her favorite part was playing with a ladybug, and getting popcorn to eat}

{Jillian practiced being a ghost for Halloween all month long}

{She even used one of my undershirts to get the full effect HAHAHA}

{We celebrated the 10th anniversary of our choir director at church. Even though we've only been there for 3 years, he was actually my choir director my senior year of high school! We surprised him with all kinds of speeches, food, and a song I wrote in honor of him. He works hard, and I'm so glad to have this man in my life!}

{We got a Groupon to a pumpkin patch, so Phil took off an afternoon at work to go with us! It was unfortunately 90 degrees that day, but fun none the less. The kids rode ponies, feed goats, went on a hayride, through this corn maze, and picked out a pumpkin to take home}

{Corn Maze Selfie}

{Being so hot, both kiddos were pretty pink-cheeked when we got back to the car. Luckily, they were both fine with some air conditioner, and water to drink}

{I made a perfect over medium egg the other day! I even flipped it in the skillet with one hand ;)}

{We went to a birthday party for a friend of mine, and Davey got an entire cupcake to himself. Unfortunately, the kid that gave it to him didn't realize how he eats food. It's blurry, but trust me when I say he was covered! HAHAHA}

{Jillian has really been into Fancy Nancy books lately. She wanted to look "posh" and wear "ax-eseries"}

{She is a sweet and creative girl, when she wants to be ;)}

{My mom sent money so that the kids could have light-up necklaces for Halloween. The ghosts are for Jillian, and the skull is for David}

{Royals in the World Series!}
{Funny meme I saw the day after the Royals scored 14 runs LOL}

{This boy scared me by running off on me at Petsmart. I couldn't find him for 3 whole minutes. I will never forget how that felt. I was beyond terrified, and I'm so thankful everything turned out ok. Lesson learned}

{I got some "me time" at Wal-Mart, so I naturally went to the toy section to get birthday ideas for the kiddos. Nothing says "I love you" like Poo-Dough!}

{For Trunk or Treat at our church, I needed some kind of costume. At the last minute I decided to attempt this...}

{Nailed it}

{I gave up, and was going to do something entirely different. After my hair got really poofy, I decided to be Adele. No one really got the reference, but I was complimented on how fancy I looked! Oh well, better planning next year :)}

{David would NOT wear the Bear costume we got for him. He picked it out in all honesty. Poor guy needed some mama hugs after all that!}
{Because we're awesome parents, we took a video of him freaking out about it. It's very funny!}

{The heart Jell-O mold came out almost perfect! I'm so glad my mom was able to send it to us again this year :)}

{Phil brought back the Mad Scientist trunk. We didn't win any prizes, but kids seemed to really like it!}

{Our family at Trunk or Treat 2015}
{We've got Adele, a ghost, Luigi, and Mad Scientist}

{Here's a close up of our trunk. Not pictures is the glass bottle of troll farts (it was empty, but we did it for laughs)}

{I was asked to join another friend of my brother's to go to a tasting event at the caterer they are using. I was able to work my calories out to do it without messing up my diet for the day. The other girl is a mom too, so we had a good time together! This was the drink I got, a champagne cocktail}

{The buffet table. It was all very delicious, and I'm glad I got to go on behalf of my bro and his lovely fiance :)}

{Jillian had her Halloween Program at preschool! I won't show other pictures because of privacy for the other kids, but trust me that it was a cute little program. Here are my boys at the snack area after}

{Silly Jilly trying to smile with a big bite of cookie in her mouth}

{Our fence had a portion fall over during the constant rain Friday. Phil thinks it's easily fixable. Hope he's right!}

{We took a family selfie before we left for a Fall Festival near our house from 3-6. That way, the kids could get candy, and we could pass out candy from home}

{Halloween Squad Goals}
{David is Linus, and Jillian is a Dragon!}

October was another full, but good month around here. I hope yours was good too :)

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