Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Highlights

2016 has been somewhat quiet for us. Between my morning sickness being in full gear, and a few bouts of sickness for the kiddos, I don't have many photos for the month. However, here are some highlights :)

{Making silly faces with my boy :)}

{My morning sickness subsided just enough for me to enjoy National Spaghetti Day!}

{They came in and requested a photo. #squadgoals LOLZ}
{Can you just imagine this in a senior slideshow someday?!}

{I found out I get to do a glucose for each trimester for BB-3. Not fun, but whatever it takes!}

{No, they're not related at all ;)}

{Even though Davey was still recovering from a random high fever, (no other symptoms!), this was a cute sight for me to see :)}

{I fought through my morning sickness so I could surprise Phil with some chicken enchiladas for dinner. He treats me so well, and I just wanted to do something nice for him! <3}

{Jillian had a good report at school, so we stopped at Sonic for lemonade}

{Sponsor at the youth retreat again this year. When waiting for lunch, you take a selfie ;)}

{Jillian and I wearing our bracelets for my aunt. She is starting chemo for breast cancer this month. She has a good prognosis, but we want to show her support!}

{We went furniture shopping for Davey's big boy bed. Jillian requested her picture be taken as well}

{Davey after his first successful night in his big boy bed! So far, the transition has been relatively easy!}

{The new bed and nightstand}

{Davey's first selfie at IHOP ;)}

{Apparently preschool wiped Jillian out today!}

{Davey was refusing to nap, yet I found him like this while a movie was playing on the TV. He was more tired than he wanted to admit}

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