Friday, August 5, 2016

BB-3 Gender Reveal

We wanted to still do a gender reveal video for BB-3, {You know, to keep it even among the siblings ;)}, and recorded our little video about 5 days after our big ultrasound.

For Jillian's reveal, Phil found out at the ultrasound, then brought home a gift for me to open. You can watch the video here.

For David's reveal, I found out, then had Phil pop a balloon full of confetti. You can watch that video here.

This time, our plans changed several times. Originally, Phil was going to find out, then tell me on my birthday through a dessert. Then, I begged him to tell me that day instead. He ended up just telling me over the phone, which was fine with me. Instead of him just saying "It's a girl!" I had him answer the question "Is Jillian going to be happy?" I really did think Jill was going to leave our family if it was a boy! LOL After finding out the gender, I told him I really wanted to still do something creative. So I found a few similar videos, and decided to do this little experiment:

I had Phil borrow a lab coat and safety goggles for this. We bought an Easter Egg dying kit for the color tabs, but that's probably why it didn't work as well for us as other people. It was fun, and Phil really liked that it was scientific ;)

About a month later, we decided to tell Jillian and David. It was getting hard to not use the correct pronouns, so I finally broke down, and did something fun for them! It didn't go over as well as I thought, but it was worth it :) Here's that video:

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