Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Highlights

Even though it's been a little quiet around here lately, obviously our main highlight for August was the arrival of our little Lottie! Here is the rest of our month:

{Proud Daddy with a 1 hour old baby :)}

 {Baby Lottie}

{This is a comparison of my babies in the hospital}
{They are definitely all related!}
{Top Left: Jillian, Bottom Left: David, Top and Bottom Right: Lottie}

{Taking turns holding the baby}

{Going home 36 hours after birth}
{Rolling 3 Littles Deep in our Mini Van (We so gangsta)}

{Lottie and Jemma taking a short snooze at home}

{Davey in his Big Brother crown from the hospital}

{The site of my IV. I hate that I bruise so badly!}

{Jillian holding her sister. She only lasts about 5 minutes, but that's ok}

{Out to lunch with Jemma and Gee-Chaz after Davey got a haircut. Now he's ready for preschool!}

{Lottie after her first bath at home}

{Jillian trying Neapolitan ice cream for the first time}

{Thinking about it...}

{It's a winner!}

{Davey thought it was ok, but prefers plain vanilla in a cone}

{All curled up in mama's lap. I have a feeling this is how she was in my belly!}

{Oh, just watching Daniel Tiger}

{First trip to church at 6 days old! Jilly is getting a donut}

{First Skype date with Jemma and Gee-Chaz <3}

{I'm obsessed with baby feet!!}

{First time with the activity mat! It was a little crowded...}

{9 days post-partum, and my IV site bruise is finally going away}

{The gang's all here :)}

{You mean, you don't wear your cowboy boots in your pjs while pretending a dress shoe on your hand is a paw? Oh, neither does Davey}

{My best attempt at Chip and Dale on the MagnaDoodle. Davey wasn't impressed because he erased it 10 seconds after I snapped this picture}

{Playing in the driveway/garage while Daddy fixes the car seats in the van}

{And why do we bother with toys if they just play with boxes?!}


{Jillian wrote all our names, and was very proud!}

{A good representation of how things have been going after daddy went back to work. When does school start again?!}

{I'm glad someone is super happy!}
{And yes, that is a chocolate stain on her onesie. Davey was petting her after eating a brownie}

{Favorite part of the day}

{I think Lottie really looks like Jillian here! It'll be interesting to see who she ends up resembling the most!}

{This is Jilly's drawing of the Technodrome. It's pretty good!}

{Watching over Lottie}
{Olive has done very well with the new baby :)}


{First Tummy Time}
{She lasted about 7 full minutes!}

{I rearranged Jillian and David's room to keep Davey from climbing/jumping off of the night stand. Now, he climbs on the dresser. Oy.}

{Spending a little one-on-one time with my boy!}

{He did the thumbs up all on his own LOL}

{Selfie Game is strong with this one HAHAHAHA}

{He's trying to point to the ceiling fan. Half his selfies are his forehead and the ceiling fan}

{We got to see my brother and SIL for a few hours this past Saturday! It was great to see them, and I hope they both get to come to Oklahoma for Christmas *fingers crossed*}

{Daddy and his little Lottie}

{Meet the Teacher Day! Preschool is about to start!!}

{Jillian on her first day of PreK}

{She is ready to go!}

{We had a big and loud thunderstorm pop up on us right before daddy got off work. Everyone piled in the bed for snuggles. Good thing we have a king-sized bed!}

Hope August was great for you, friends!

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  1. So much love! I miss the teeny one that Esme used to be. . .


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