Monday, September 19, 2016



It's a word that has more than one context, but has the same definition. One way to look at it is negatively, the other positively.

I'm sure having my 3rd baby being 7 weeks old, it's easy to assume I'm referencing the negative version of the word "overwhelmed." True, things have been on the interesting side as we adjust to the learning curve of being outnumbered by littles. However, I'm actually talking about the positive side of being overwhelmed.

You see, I was approached about a possible double baby shower at the beginning of the summer at our church. Well, the date was changed multiple times. Then, the other girl the shower would be for stopped attending our church. By this point, I just assumed most people wouldn't even really care whether or not I had a shower since it's our third baby. Also, having one child of each gender already, we don't need many gender specific items either. Honestly, I doubted anyone would even come to a shower for me.

Boy was I wrong.

This past Sunday, a sweet woman at church threw a lovely shower for us. I took Jillian and Lottie with me, and we just had a blast. I mostly asked for diapers, and we got plenty! In fact, we may not need to buy any size 2 diapers unless Lottie starts growing slower. We got other little gifts, and my friend made some really cute,(and tasty!), cupcakes. I don't have any pictures myself, but hopefully I can get some copies of what other people took pictures of.

By the end of the shower, I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of these ladies and their families.

Church family has always been important to me. Having both parents as pulpit pastors, I spent lots of time with my church family. Whether it was sitting next to them on Sunday morning, singing with them in the choir, or having a good conversation at an event, I had a special bond with my church family. In fact, a good portion of my faith is based off of interactions and conversations with various members of my church family. To know that my children will get to experience a similar level of love and support from their church family just makes my heart burst. I feel like a lucky girl :)

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