Friday, September 30, 2016

September Highlights

September has been a big month in the Coghill household. We had to get in the swing of school, church activities, and learning to function as a family of 5.

Here are some of the highlights of our month:
{Davey's first day of preschool! He was beyond excited :)}

{David and Jillian outside of preschool}

{After the first day, we went out to lunch as a family! When I took the onions and cucumbers out of my salad, I thought it looked like a face HAHAHA}

{Real life yo}

{I was so excited to find this at the grocery store I frequent! When I did finally try it, it was only ok. I may give it one more shot just to be sure I don't like it}

{Middle of the night feeding with Daddy}

{I got to have coffee with a sweet friend with just Lottie! It was nice to just keep up with one child, but it was even better to catch up with this friend <3}

{Our first neighborhood walk as a family of five!}

{David was named the Star of the Week at school! He was asked to fill out this poster. I decided to let him do it however he wanted. It wasn't colored completely, (and I may have colored the stars on top because I couldn't help it), but he did it himself :)}

The following are some cute Lottie faces as of late:

{We checked out the Halloween area at Target the other day and had some fun!}
{We also touched every single pumpkin in Target. I wish I was kidding}

{*high pitched voice* I'm your father?}

{We had an anniversary this month: One Year of Family Movie Night!}
{We started the celebration by checking out a new restauarant called Mutt's, which has fancy hot dogs. It was pretty good!}

{The we had some special movie snacks! Popcorn, caramel corn, M&M's, and gummy bears}

{Mommy also got some glow stick wands! We watched Princess Bride, but only the adults really watched ;)}

{Since grocery shopping is my alone time, I rarely have children with me. I use their car seats for things like bread and chips ;)}

{This guy made my driving time double...}

{I had a really beautiful shower put together by some special ladies at church. This was the only picture I got on my phone, but I have lots of precious mental pictures I will treasure forever :)}

{Bright-eyed and bushy tailed}

{Hanging out outside while Daddy plays a quick round of golf}

{This is what happens when you have a bubble bath with two kids HAHAHA}
{Luckily, she was laughing and not crying/screaming :)}

{New dress and new shirt from Jemma and Gee-Chaz!}

{Struggle Bun in full effect. At least the kids are still cute :)}

{When you realize your child looks prettier than you...}
{I have Snapchat, but no friends on it. So I just use the filters to entertain the children if needed. Here are some more Snapchat Gems :)}

A certain someone is finally smiling, but never for the camera. She also turned 8 weeks!

{Precious girl}

{I don't even know how he did this! My silly boy}

{Popsicles for everyone}

{Yesterday was just beautiful, so we hurried outside with the chalk}

{Those eyes, eyelashes, and little faux hawk just make me want to eat her up <3}


Hope you had a great September!

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  1. I know how busy my September was with just two, so I bet it was crazy! You are doing a great job mama!


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