Thursday, September 1, 2016

David's First Day of Mini 3's Preschool

This is such a big day for David! He has not been in any type of school/class since he was born. In fact, he's used to be one of the few, (if not only), kid in the nursery at church.

By this point, Jillian had been in a class with her hearing clinic, so she had a general idea about school. We'll see how David does in a school setting!

He's been asking to go to school for several weeks now, and he had a few meltdowns yesterday when Sissy got to go, but he did not. It's hard to explain school schedules to a 2-1/2 year old.

David has been a little on the emotional/defiant side since Lottie's arrival. I told his teacher about it, but she doesn't seem overly concerned. Plus, she had 3 children herself, so she understands :)

I just know he's going to love school, and do really great! He is interested in learning, and he's a smart cookie like his older sissy.

So here's to my big preschooler. Let's hear it for the boy!
{All ready to go!}

{I asked them to stand next to each other, and this is what Davey did! Melt my heart!!}

{My two preschoolers <3}

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