Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Intense Weekend

I don't want to seem like I'm making light of today by not mentioning the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Honestly, it did change many things in my life. I did post something last year and it was pretty hard to write. I don't want to come off as insincere since I was not directly affected by the events that unfolded. However, with Jillian's arrival, I would rather focus on hope, and the future. I will never forget, and my thoughts and prayers will be on those.

Fun note: This is my 400th post! Wow, who knew I'd talk so much about absolutely nothing ;)

Our weekend was quite eventful. It started with a rather scary trip up the turnpike. We left about 2:15 because Phil got off work early. After several scary moments involving semi-trucks and crazy drivers, we finally got into Tulsa city limits. As we are crossing a long bridge, I notice that we couldn't really see downtown because of what looked like a large fire. After another 2 miles, we realized that the cold front moving through was creating a second dust bowl. There are several construction areas on top of the dirt being dry from our drought. The wind really picked up and we got to Phil's parents' house just in time. I couldn't imagine trying to drive up the turnpike in that mess :-/  Later that evening, Phil and I went to see Hope Springs with some friends. It was actually really funny, but there were a few awkward moments for anyone under 50 years of age.

Saturday, we all went to the TU v. Tulane game. I tried to make sure Jillian was covered since it was really sunny outside. Well, we were there when the Tulane player, Devon Walker, was injured. It was one of the most intense moments of my life. As soon as I saw the TU chaplain, (who I know well from years before), my stomach instantly knotted. I'm so glad they stabilized him and he is getting the medical attention he deserves. We had plans to take photos for the first home game, (and Jillian's first football game), but I didn't feel much like it after that. Surprisingly, Jillian did really well at the stadium and may have even lasted the whole game. I was pretty shaken up after that, but we had to head home that night. We had a nice dinner with Phil's folks and had a relatively quiet trip down the turnpike.

Once we got home, I realized I was pretty badly sunburned. So sunburned in fact, that Phil took off work yesterday to help take care of me and Jillian. Luckily Jillian did not have any sunburn and Phil just had some on his knees and left side of his face. I really got the bulk of the burn. I'm feeling much better today, but it is still just as red as the picture below.

Sunday, Phil and I tried something with Jillian. We introduced her to our keyboard! She seemed to really like it :)
{Daddy had to prop two pillows in his lap for her to reach the keys. Look at that concentration though!}

{Looking into our future with her as a teen}
{HAHA I happen to catch her blinking, but it looks like she's giving Phil the evil eye.} 

{My little Stevie Wonder/Ray Charles :)} 

{I can just picture this is a senior slideshow, can't you?}

I hope y'all had a better, and less eventful, weekend. And please, let's not even begin to discuss Arkansas or Oklahoma State's games on Saturday. I've suffered enough.

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