Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Catch-Up

We had a very relaxing/not exciting Labor Day weekend around here. It mostly consisted of all three of us getting over the cold/allergies we had all last week. I was the last to get sick and it was not fun at all :( Luckily, we're all on the mend and just barely sniffling ;) We ran a few errands, but nothing to really write home about.
Phil and I have a movie/tv show trade-off system. If we want the other to see a movie or show we like, we negotiate a movie or show the other likes. At the beginning of the summer, Phil went through Grey's Anatomy on Netflix with me! Even though he did enjoy it, (the medical side of it anyways), I still offered to watch his choice: Star Trek: The Next Generation. We officially started it on Wednesday of last week and we're almost halfway through the first season. Being a Star Wars fan, I wasn't entirely sure how much I'd enjoy it. I'm not hooked just yet, but there is still potential.
Jillian and I went to a special "Bring Your Baby" showing of The Odd Life of Timothy Green. First of all, it was AWESOME to take Jillian with me. There weren't many people at the theater, but that's fine with me. I was able to park her stroller in sight, feed her, and she did really well for the 2 hours we were there. She even took a 20 minute nap :) I guarantee that I would have bawled my eyes out if I had watched it alone. I mean, the I'm-a-sap-plus-a-new-mommy kind of crying. It was a good movie, and I don't feel like I really missed any of it. I sure hope they keep doing this because it was nice to get out while hanging out with Jilly :)
I'm finally back on my Metformin full time. I'm stocked with Pepto tablets, and Tums. Even watching what I eat doesn't keep the nausea and indigestion that comes with getting used to the medicine again. I stopped while I was able to breastfeed Jillian. Once I lost my supply, I tried getting back on, but kept forgetting to take it. {Hey, I was a new mom with a fried brain. I barely remembered to brush my hair before leaving the apartment!} Then I was uninsured from my birthday until Phil's new job's insurance kicked in August 1st. I will say that it's nice to have good insurance again!
I'm almost done with the guest room before it's complete! Well, the short list of changes anyway. I can't wait to finish and show the rest of it to y'all.
While I am sorry that TU lost, the fact the Arkansas and OSU won, (and won big), I was still pretty happy at the end of the night. Wooo Pig Sooie! Go Pokes!
With Jillian turning 9 months in about a week, (say what?!), I've got the majority of her birthday party planned out. This is partially due to my excitement, and the fact that I have to figure out something easy for people since it's during the holiday season. I figured I'd keep it simple and go from there. I'm satisfied with what I have so far. Hopefully I can pull it off when the time comes :)

I hope y'all have a great day after the 3-day weekend!


  1. That's so cute that you got to take her to the movies with you! I would love to try one of those out but they're all during the weekday! :(

    Good luck with metformin!! I haven't been on it since early in my pregnancy and I know I need it bad!

    1. Yeah, I wish they'd do it at a time that working moms could go. I have a lot of new working moms I know would like something like that.

      Thanks and I didn't realize you took it too! I took it during my pregnancy but had to stop when I tried nursing. I really needed it too :-/


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