Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Minnesota Trip: {Part Two}

Wednesday was a little quieter for us. My mom had to go to work later in the evening so we just hung out at the house all morning. I love hanging out in their living room while the sunlight comes in. It's even better with a baby in your lap :)
{What a cutie!}

We went to my dad's office and had lunch with him! After that, we went home and my mom headed to work. Jillian and I played, and she even had a decent nap. When my dad got home, we went to a special new church ceremony. A church in the area just bought land and had a special worship service to commemorate the occassion. Jillian LOVED the praise band. She would bounce in my arms and do her "jazz hands" of excitement. It was really cracking my dad up! They also had ice cream bars afterwards. Due to his job, my dad schmoozed and chatted while Jillian and I stood around and looked cute. {And before you ask: Yes, yes I did eat an ice cream bar for Jillian. I mean, why let it go to waste right? HAHA} My stomach reminded me that we didn't get a real dinner before the ice cream. We stopped by Arby's on our way home and got some food.

The next morning, my mom and I went to my mom's hair dresser and I finally got my hair cut! {That was 19 months overdue!} The stylist had a daughter 11 days after Jillian was born so we had plenty to talk about ;) She even gave me pointers for dressing Jillian at Christmas time. I just got a cut, but I am still interested in highlighting my hair again. {White/Gray hairs be damned!}


After losing 5 pounds of hair, we went to a local restaurant where I had a famous Juicy Lucy burger! It was very delicious and I can't wait to take Phil! Of course, no trip to Maplewood would be complete without a trip to the mall to buy Jillian $100 worth some new clothes for fall/summer-next-year ;) We then went to my mom's church where they had the last summer food program for the year. Even though it was pretty cloudy, it didn't rain as much as we expected. 

{We were hoping to go to the first day of the Minnesota State Fair, mostly to see the Princess Kay of the Milky Way's head sculpted in butter, but we decided not to risk getting wet. (Hilarious side note: All the runners up also get their heads sculpted in butter AND they get to take it home after the fair is over! Could you imagine having a sculpture of your head, made of butter, just sitting in your fridge? It would scare me every time I opened the door! Or maybe I'd freeze it, then stick in in someone's bed Godfather style ya know?)}

Sadly, we had to head home early Friday morning since we had a special stop on the way to KC. We said goodbye to my dad and headed off.
{Jillian with her Jemma and G-Chaz} 

{I do love this photo :)}

My mom and I have spent the last 17 years or so visiting all of the museums and sites for Laura Ingalls Wilder. I don't have photos of all the places and we only really hit the last 3 because my parents live MUCH closer to the sites than we ever did in Oklahoma, (or even Arkansas). We went to the final one, Burr Oak, Iowa! It's literally right across the state line between Minnesota and Iowa. Getting there wasn't too bad, and we even passed the Mayo Clinic in Rochester! {I also saw more Amish people on that drive than any other time in my life. Funny thing is, one store had a website painted on a sign. A website? For Amish goods? Seem funny to anyone else?} I really hope Jillian likes the books and wants to visit the sites too. I certainly wouldn't mind going to all of them again :)
{The Museum/Hotel}

{The main building and gift shop was located in a restored bank (the red brick building)} 

{Jillian and I outside of the hotel with a map of Laura's moving history} 

{Jillian and Jemma next to their replicated covered wagon}

Due to a crazy twist of fate, what would have taken us 10 hours to get to KC actually took us 12. It was ridiculous and a long day for all of us. However, we made it and all slept well once we got to my aunt's house.

Saturday, my mom had to leave before Phil got to KC in order to get home at a decent time. Jillian and I said a quick goodbye, (anything longer is too hard :(), and she was off.

Shortly after 2, Phil made it and we were all reunited again :) We stayed in KC that night and headed home Sunday. We had some friends over for Phil's Fantasy Football draft Sunday night, but crashed shortly after they left. 

Overall it was a great trip. Even though we stayed longer than last time, it felt shorter. I don't think it'll ever feel like "enough" time for me. I am so thankful for my parents and the relationship we have. It's crazy to think that'll we'll be flying up there in less than 4 months for Christmas! Not only will the year be just about over, but Jillian will be 1 and more mobile than I'm prepared for. A wave of excitement hits me when I think about it, (and maybe a little dread if I'm being honest. Flying with a baby AND having a child who's growing up too fast is a lot to comprehend for this mama!).

I am sad that Jillian now has a cold, but at least it is while we're home. Plus, this is just another strand of cold that she will never get again. {Can I get a "what what" for immunity? Anyone? Bueller?}

Now that most of our stuff is back in it's place, I'm sure my posting will be a little more consistent. And if not? Just know I'm trying my best. 


  1. Aww I love that you're so close with your parents, that's really sweet! I'm glad you had all that time with them too! :) Jillian's getting so big, I hate how fast they grow! lol

    1. Growing up, our nearest relatives were 4 hours away. I was so used to it being our little family of four 95% of the time that I'm really close to them now. It was much easier not having to coordinate time off of work to visit! (It was my first time to do that.)
      Oh they really do! I wish she could learn to talk and walk, but stay little. You know, like a mini-adult ;)

  2. It sounds like you ladies had a great trip. That butter thing weirds me out! I just can't imagine having a carving of my head out of butter. And I LOVE butter. Ha!

    1. We did! It is the weirdest thing I've ever heard of, but people up there just love it. HAHA


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