Monday, November 19, 2012


This past week has been a whirlwind containing many moments of reflection.

I spent the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday doing laundry, cleaning, and getting ready to head to Tulsa for Phil's grandpa's funeral. Frank was a wonderful, Godly man that I am so thankful I got to know. It is also such a blessing to know that he got to meet Jillian, and she him. Between other obligations, we barely made it out of the house Thursday morning. We did make safe and sound. Did I mention we left our funeral clothes so Phil got to drive home and back 15 minutes after we arrived? Oh yeah, because he did.

The funeral was lovely. I think having Jillian in tow really helped most of the family members focus on celebrating his life as opposed to being sorrowful. It was nice to see my brother-in-law and his wife too! Jillian basically got to see everyone she would have met for Thanksgiving so we know she should be in good spirits that day :)

Friday also happened to be the day my dad got a root canal. This man could live a long happy life if he never saw the dentist, (and if his teeth always stayed healthy). Not that he's scared or anything, just not something he enjoys a bit. Luckily the procedure went well and he's feeling pretty good. As someone who had a root canal a few years ago, whatever pain you endure during the procedure is absolutely worth it in the end. We also had to run to the store and get Jillian some new 12 Month pjs. Well, as if it's not already hard enough for mothers to deal with your baby becoming a 1 year-old, moving their size outfits to a completely different part of the store is just torture! All these cute things that didn't fit her even made Phil a little sad.

Saturday night, Phil and I had a double date night with some good friends of ours. It was a fun and relaxed evening that we desperately needed. {Jillian did not sleep well the night before and we were almost zombies.} Plus, we got to see all the intense action involving college football. Yeesh!

Sunday we got home with 30 minutes to spare before a fundraising dinner at church. The dinner was good and I think the youth did a great job!

Now I'm trying to catch up on laundry before the big holiday. I got 75% of Jillian's birthday party decorations today and I'm pretty psyched! I mean, don't get me wrong, this mama is getting nostalgic like WHOA! However, I'm trying to focus on celebrating the little one who is such a blessing and joy in my life.

Oh, and we may get a really brutal cold front here sometime next week. It would be nice to breakout the gloves and scarfs just in time for December :)

Happy Monday y'all!

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