Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Real Illness

Jillian is on the other side of whatever bug has been plaguing her. I was hoping to update yesterday, but it was one of worst days for her :(

We had a long rehearsal Saturday, then another long afternoon on Sunday to prepare for a music festival we were a part of. {It involved volunteers from several Lutheran churches in the area.} By doing this, Jillian was in a nursery setting at a completely different place than she is used to most of the weekend. She seemed ok and we were even told to bring her back to visit because they loved her. {No surprise there ;)} Well, by the time the concert/service was over, we got home and she was conked out. We moved her to her crib and let her rest. As soon as she woke up, I was ready to have our weekly Skype date with my folks. Jillian woke up around 7:45 or so and was crying pretty intensely. I picked her up and assumed she was hungry. I put her in the high chair and Phil put some Cheerios on her tray. She picked up one and started to chew. However, as soon as she started to swallow it, she began crying hysterically. I just knew something was up. For someone who loves Cheerios, this was not her normal behavior. I picked her up and immediately felt her poor little body was burning hot. We took her temperature and it was 101.0. She ate a little formula, but was more content sleeping in my arms with a pacifier. I was able to Skype with my folks once she calmed down, but it wasn't the same having her smiley face on the screen with me. She slept pretty good Sunday night. She woke up around 5 a.m. and Phil was able to get her to sleep on his chest on the couch for another 2 hours of so.

Monday, I spent most of the day holding her. She would wake up almost instantly if I put her in a chair, her crib, or anywhere else. She ate a good amount of formula and drank a little water. Her fever was around 100.4 most of the day. There were moments where Jillian would be cooler to the touch and she would play with her toys. I thought this was a good sign and was pretty hopeful. I had to go grocery shopping once Phil was home so he could stay with her. When I got home, he told me he had fed her a few ounces of her solid food and she ate it ok. Around 8 p.m., she woke up super uncomfortable again. I got her into a warm bath, but she just cried through it. She even peed all over her changing table when I tried to get pjs on her. She nearly refused the bottle we offered, but fell asleep in my arms fairly quickly.  Phil was able to get her in her crib before we headed to bed ourselves. She woke up around 2 something and Phil went to check on her. After about 30 minutes or so of Jillian just crying hysterically, I went to see if I could help. Apparently she threw up all over and was just really hot. We took her temperature and it was 102.3. I offered to charge her into new pjs while Phil cleaned himself off from the throw up incident. She kept trying to swallow more throw up so she wouldn't. There was a lot of mucus so she most just kept gagging and choking. Then she started to shiver and I got scared. I was nearly in tears when I begged Phil to call the on-call nurse at Jillian's pediatrician's office. She was just in so much pain that it was really upsetting me. According to the nurse, we were doing all we could. She said no more solid foods, and to stop formula too if she throws up again. {Luckily she did not.} The nurse did mention that a stomach bug was going around and that they were getting lots of similar calls. For the rest of the night Jillian would sleep for about an hour or so. When she'd wake up, she would be so hot that we would unwrap her to cool her down.

Tuesday morning, I left early to vote. Phil said she did pretty well while I was gone, but that she didn't want anything to do with her bottle. Most of the day, we just snuggled. Her temperature was never out of control, and she drank a lot of water! I was so thankful she was staying hydrated. Then last night, she slept from about 10:30 to 5. Phil got her to sleep a little longer on the couch with him. Her temperature was under 100, so I took her to my bible study at church. I knew she'd be the only child there so I thought this would be a good time to see how she did. I was told she napped for 30 minutes and was a bit cranky like I warned. However, she was playing a little bit when I came to get her. We got home and she slept for a bit. I even just finished up my own nap. Hopefully she'll wake up soon and I can try giving her another bottle. She's not really interested in formula right now, so I have a sippy cup of water as a back up. Despite being so sleepy, she seems to be on the mend.

I will say this was hard for me. I can usually get to a place where I tell myself it'll be ok. However, there were a few times I just got so scared for Jillian, so sad about her pain, and even so tired that I was an emotional wreck. This was Jillian's first real sickness. She's had a few colds before, but nothing this bad. I'm glad it's almost behind us and hopefully I'll be more prepared for next time.

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