Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let Me Be Brief

Even without a fever, Jillian started getting this weird rash. She is also still not acting like herself and sleeps most of the day in my arms. We're taking her to the doctor tomorrow for a same day appointment. Hopefully Dr. V can give us some reassurance before the weekend. Plus, this mama can't stand another week of this. I'm about to go insane with worry and exhaustion :(

I'll update again tomorrow once we know what's happening with our precious girl.


  1. I'm sooo sorry friend, Ihope everything is ok and they can figure out exactly what's wrong. I know you must be overwhelmed and so tired. Thinking of y'all!

    1. Thanks girl. I was on the border of exhausted and worried so I'm glad we finally have some answers! Sorry about Miss V being sick herself :( I guess it's that time of year huh? I'll be thinking of y'all too!


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