Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Smart Cookie

Y'all, Jillian is ridiculously smart. I'm talking I-won't-be-able-to-help-with-homework-because-it's-over-my-head kind of smart. {Trust me, I get that I'm partial.}

Jillian, if she feels like it {I can't emphasize this point enough}, will repeat what we're saying. For example, Monday night I went to my favorite place in the world. While I was there, I noticed some animal crackers and looked over the label. No dairy and no egg. I took two boxes home and decided to introduce Jillian. The box was interesting enough, but she did her excited squeal as I opened the bag and handed her a lion cracker. She dove for it and immediately started chomping. After a few moments, she pointed to the box. I said "Animal cracker?" Jillian replied with "aah-er". She was saying her version of cracker. That was the first time she was ever exposed to the work cracker purposefully. That was amazing enough for me.

Then yesterday during her afternoon nap, she decided that she was not at all tired. So she stood up and started crying. I went to our bedroom and watched her on the video monitor to see if she'd sit back down. I called Phil to tell him I wanted to lower her crib. As I was talking, she sat down. Then she leaned over and turned on the musical aquarium that came with her play mat. If that weren't enough, three separate times she turned it off and back on so that it would skip a song. {In fact, she's doing it right now as I write this post :)} 

I know most babies her age can do similar things. There are still times where she just blows my mind. I mean, knowing her daddy, it's no surprise she's good at thinking and figuring things out. Gosh I love her!

Now I'm off to make some pumpkin bread.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!

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  1. Yeah, Jillian! Doesn't it make you SO proud? Everyone is constantly telling me how BRILLIANT they think Ethan is, and I smile and say thank you, but I KNOW he's a smartie, and it makes me proud. We're their mamas...we may be a LITTLE biased, but when they're smart, they're smart. ;)


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