Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today is a day I wish I was better with words. When something as awful as the Boston Marathon Bombing happens, it's natural to be speechless.

I will say that there are a few things I am thankful for. I am thankful for my daughter's age, because I don't have to even begin figuring out how to explain this to her. I am thankful for my daughter's innocence, because I can watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and not feel like I have to re-watch the horrific videos and newscasts over and over again. I am thankful that none of my friends, or family were effected directly by this tragedy.

It's been 11 years, but I've been to Boston. I've wanted to go back for another visit someday. I'm not familiar with the area or streets they've named.

People here in Oklahoma City are also a little on edge. Our Memorial Marathon is apparently a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. So far, the race here is still on. I wasn't living here for the OKC Bombing either. I know it's still hard for so many to think about 18 years later.

Events like these, the hurt doesn't go away. The fear of a repeat attack never goes away. The anger never goes away.

I can say this: it does fade. It takes time, and it takes the willingness to heal, but it can happen. As long as we remember that there are others to build us up. As long as we remember there are others to help. As long as we remember there are others who feel the same way. As long as we remember there are others standing beside us.

My mom told me something recently that I feel can work in this situation: If God gives you something you can't handle alone, he always sends help.

I know that Mr. Roger's quote about "looking for helpers" is popular all over social media right now. If nothing else, remember that means good is hard at work righting the wrongs. Good is out there showing that, even in the most terrifying and horrific events throughout the world, good will never give up the fight to win.

Some days, evil seems to be in charge. However, good is there and always will be.

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