Friday, April 12, 2013

Date Number Three for 2013

I mentioned in this post that Phil and I got to go on a date night while we were in Minnesota! It was a Thursday night, and we had to borrow my dad's truck. {That was definitely a dating first for me ;)}

As we looked up movie times, we saw that Jurassic Park: 3D was going to be playing at 10 pm at a nearby theater! Since we both really love that movie, we decided to go for it. Well, that meant that going to dinner at 6 or so would have a large break in between activities. Plus, many things in town close around 8 or 9. With that in mind, we had dinner at home with my parents, and Jillian. After that, we were off!
{Ready for our date night :)}

We went to Barnes & Noble first so that Phil could browse as long as he wanted. {What can I say? I know how to treat a man ;) HAHA} We were going to try a local ice cream place, but I decided I was too cold for ice cream. No problem, there was a nearby alternative! 

{Coffee and pie at Perkins}
{I got Apple and Phil got a special Neapolitan Cream} 

We got to the theater with about 45 minutes to spare. Since the parking lot wasn't very crowded, we hung out in the car, and just talked.
 {Phil waiting in the car}

Then, it was time to find our seats!
{Here we go!} 

There was only 12 people total in the theater and I think we were one of the youngest couples there. No matter, we had a good time :) Plus, I really like seeing movies in 3D that were not filmed to be in 3D. That way, you don't have things flying in your face every 10 minutes or so.

And that was date #3 :)


  1. Whoa! If you 2 don't slow down you will hit 12 dates by year-end! Glad you had fun, I love that movie too! My family saw it in the theater when it first came out. My mom jumped so much when the goat leg hit the jeep that she threw her pop up in the air!

    1. HAHA Right?! Unfortunately, I think we're done for awhile. We've got a lot on our plates for the next few months. At least we're halfway to our goal already!
      I understand about being jumpy! I was 7 the first time, and it was dark driving home from the theater, (it was a 30 minute drive too). I was so worried a dino would pop out of the wooded area along the highway and start chasing us! LOL Luckily, the drive home this time was much less stressful for me ;)

  2. What a fun date night!
    We went to see Trnasformers in 3D and it was horrible. Glad to know Jurassic park was better.

    1. Thanks! It was a pretty good night :)
      I always worry movies like that will make me dizzy, but luckily this wasn't so bad!


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