Monday, April 15, 2013

Do I Wanna Run A Mile or More?

When I started to train to run my first 5K, my dad offered to be my workout buddy! We thought we could do a 5K together when we were done training.

Part of the reason why we went up to visit them the first week of April, is because they were just too busy to come down to us. I thought, so I wouldn't lose motivation in between, that I could find a 5K while we were up there to do. And boy, there were a TON of different ones to choose from! Luckily for us, there was one in the town where my parents live! Right before we left, Phil expressed interest in doing it with us because he wants to do his own 5K in late April at home.

Now, Camp Wannarunamileormore 5K is sponsored by a local store. It wasn't really raising money for a cause or anything. However, it was still fun!

We signed up late in the game and were not guaranteed a t-shirt. However, they found a few from the previous year we could have. {And there's no year on it so no one would know unless we told them!} It was supposed to rain that morning so we dressed for the occasion. Luckily, it stayed dry the whole time :)
{Ready to go!} 

Mom and Jillian hung out while we did our thing. Luckily, my mom was able to get a picture when we finished!
{Crossing the finish line together in 42:50!}
{That is 27 seconds faster than my time for Run Lucky!} 

We didn't get a medal or anything, but we were still proud :) Afterwards, we got some snacks, water, and coffee for my mom.
{Resting after the race} 

My dad decided that Jillian need to cross the finish line too!
{Way to go Jilly!} 

My mom took a picture of the lake we jogged near so that we would remember what it looked like/what the weather was like.
{Bald Eagle Lake - still frozen ;)}

We stopped by a local bakery for a treat and coffee. Then we got home for lunch, which was all breakfast food just to have some protein.

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