Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Date Number Two for 2013

Date #2 for us was actually an early birthday gift for me :)

March 22nd, Maroon 5 played a concert in Tulsa. Since I have been a fan of theirs for nearly a decade, I figured it was time for me to see them in concert! We drove up to Tulsa that afternoon, where I ended up having to drop Phil off for a meeting he arranged on TU's campus. As soon as I got Jillian to his parents' house, I had just enough time to use the restroom, then pick him back up.

Now, we didn't go out to dinner, but it still counted as a date because I wore makeup, Phil's parents babysat Jillian, and we got home after she was in bed.

Jillian was having a fun time so we knew she'd be in good hands :)
{Easter Egg Hunting with Papa}

{Someone found money in mama's wallet...}

{Ready to go!}

We arrived a little after 8, but we figured Neon Trees would be opening the concert. We got some coffee and hot chocolate and found our seats.
{Our view}

Turns out, Owl City opened. We missed the first few songs, but we got to hear a good 15-20 minutes of them!
 {Owl City}

{Phil and I while they setup the stage for the second act} 

 {Next up: Neon Trees}

I thought Neon Trees was ok, but not my favorite act of the night. Apparently, Phil and I were in the minority. By the time they finished their set, our drinks were cooled enough to drink. However, my $5 hot chocolate was more like hot water with a dash of cocoa powder. It was pretty awful.
 {My my-hot-chocolate-is-disguisting sad face}

Finally, it was time for the main event!
{Maroon 5!!!}

They did a great job of not only keeping us entertained, but of doing a nice mix of their old and new stuff. There were lots of pregnant women there, as well as 12 year old girls. I wasn't sure what disturbed me more: the age difference, or the fact that we were singing along to the same songs. Oh well, I still had fun :)

It took forever to get out of the parking garage, so we were home a little after midnight. We slept well though, and overall had a great date night :)

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