Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bébé Deux Week 11 Update

Today's date: May 14, 2013

How far along: 11 Weeks

Total weight gain: I have lost about 3.5 pounds

Size and growth of baby: Bébé is the size of a lime! Toes and fingers are no longer webbed. Moving and squirming all around, even though mama can't feel the movements yet. Tooth buds, hair follicles, and nail beds are forming! {via}

Baby is a: I have to wait until 19 weeks for the ultrasound. I'm guessing girl, and Phil is guessing boy :) You should vote on the side column of my page!

Maternity clothing: Wearing more than I did with Jillian at this point, but I feel like I'm showing a bit more already. Regular shirts still fit ok, but they look shorter than normal.

Sleep: I've been really tired this week, but haven't slept well. I get enough time, but not enough quality :-/ Hopefully that'll change soon!

Movement: None yet, but can't wait :)

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings are avocados, pickles, watermelon, olives, Chinese food/rice, and spaghetti. Aversions are still meats, anything overly sweet, Mexican food, mac n cheese, fast food, and anything that just happens to sound awful at the time.

Morning Sickness: I threw up for the first time on Saturday. It was pretty awful, but luckily it hasn't happened again since. Hopefully, that was my only time *knocks on wood* My appetite is a bit better, but I'm still not just real hungry. I also get full faster. I take Zofran a few times a week, but not everyday or that often. Usually 1 will work for the day. I do have to watch my liquid intake. If it has been kinda low, I get queasy quickly. Same thing if I haven't eaten in 2 hours.

Symptoms: Sore/heavy boobs, lower back pain, a little heartburn, some nausea, peeing a fair amount, and tired.

Labor Signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

How this pregnancy is different than the first: Even after Saturday, I was still much more sick with Jillian that I had lost twice the amount of weight by this point. Also, I feel like I have a bit more energy than last time, but that just could be because I have to have some energy to take care of Jillian.

The best moment of this past week: Planning a trip with my folks, seeing an old friend finally finish up nursing school and get pinned tonight, announcing our pregnancy on facebook today, and having my 2nd official Mother's Day :)

What I miss: Nothing at all!

I'm looking forward to: Celebrating Phil's birthday, feeling movements, my trip, enjoying more food, and getting into the second trimester soon!
{No Jillian's Week 11 Update}
{I was out of town for my best friend's wedding :)}


  1. I just read about the storms that rumbled by OKC today. I am praying that you, Phil and Jillian are doing ok. Please update us when you have a chance. Just wanted you to know you are being thought of and praying the reports of no injuries are correct.

    1. Thank you for the prayers! I can't tell you how much I truly appreciate it.
      I am also thankful for your friendship :)


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