Thursday, May 2, 2013


Thanks to my pregnancy brain returning, my brain is just not running on all four cylinders anymore. Plus, today is rainy, windy, and cold. Yucky day indeed. So here's a post of just randomness.
  • We got to see our friends Carrie, Jon, and their precious son E yesterday!! I was happy to finally meet Mr. Man, and spend some time with them :) They just recently moved closer so hopefully we'll get to visit them sometime in the next year! Since I forgot to ask, I'll post a picture of Jillian and E where E isn't facing the camera. Trust me, he's a sweet little cutie patootie ;)
{It looks like Jillian's all "Hello there!"}
  • Sunday is going to be super busy, but really fun for me! I'm pretty much going to be at church all day. I have service, a catered lunch, a girl's youth group event, then a meeting. At least all these things will be fun!
  • One of the few things I can eat right now is mac and cheese. Luckily for me, Jillian likes it too!
    {Happy Girl}
  • I really love this picture of Jillian from the Arts Festival last weekend. Between her belly showing, and her pigtails, I just die :)
  • My parents missed more snow last night, but my mom's office in Wisconsin got 14 inches! Can you believe that?! So she got a snow day today. Hopefully for them, this is the last of the wintery weather. I mean, their lake just thawed out the day before the snow storm!
  • The other day, I didn't see Jillian. I tried singing a special song that she usually comes running toward me when I sing it. However, she didn't come. I got up, walked toward the window in the kitchen. Then, I saw this...
     {Think I found her}
    {Peek a boo Jilly!}
  • Next week is busy! Jillian has a booth test, then therapy on Monday. Tuesday is my doctor's appointment where we can hopefully hear bébé deux's heartbeat. Wednesday is typical busy church day with bible study, choir, and youth group. I think Thursday and Friday and free after  that. I hope so, just so I can do laundry.
Hope y'all are doing well :)

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