Monday, May 13, 2013

Side Column Update

Howdy folks!

I just thought I'd give a quick update on two new features on my side column. {You'll have to be on my actual blog page to see}

1) As I'm sure you've heard lately, Google Reader is going away in the next few months. I have signed up on Bloglovin. Underneath my Twitter icon, I have a follow button for Bloglovin'. If you use Goggle Reader to follow my blog, would you click on it pretty please? I don't wanna lose you :)

2) Underneath my 2013 Word and Scripture, I have a poll for Bébé Deux! If you think bébé is a boy, choose Team Tie. If you think bébé is a girl, choose Team Tutu. I have the poll open until right before I leave for my mission trip in mid-July. I don't have an exact day that we're doing the ultrasound yet, but I'll definitely let you know.

*Side note* With Jillian, those who voted on her poll ended up being right! I'm curious to see if it rings true for Bébé Deux too :)

 I hope you have a great Monday today!


  1. Oh my word, Courtney! I've been using Bloglovin instead of Reader, and your blog went MIA! I didn't even know you were pregnant - EEK! Congratulations!!! (Gosh, I feel like a fool.)


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