Friday, May 10, 2013


You guys, the past two days have been hard. Yesterday was actually the worst.
Jillian has started throwing full on tantrums, and it is no joke y'all.

It is just so hard because the littlest things set her off. Today has been much better, but I've still had to deal with a few here and there.

A part of me would rather get the terrible twos out of the way, but I was in tears by the end of the day yesterday. I told my mom what I was doing in response to these tantrums, and she said I was doing well and to just stay as consistent as I can. It was still pretty awful though :(

Besides this new personality development, things have been decent around here. I've just been really physically tired. However, it's the I'm-tired-but-still-can't-sleep kind of tired. Hopefully I can get something worked out soon.

I'm looking forward to the weekend! Phil has a men's work day at church tomorrow morning, but then he's all ours for the rest of the day :)

What are you looking most forward to this weekend?


  1. Girlfriend, I hear you on this one! Tantrums are NO fun! E started them a month or so ago. They already to seem to have lessened (growing out of it? understanding that there are boundaries?), but there were several times that I swore the devil had possessed my child. One day it was so bad that I called Jason and told him I had to get out of the house when he got home from work. As soon as he got home, I got in the car just to go get a coffee and have a little bit of time to myself. She was an angel for daddy while I was gone (which was only slightly annoying), but I felt much better (and saner) when I got back. I highly recommend getting a break if Phil can watch her when he gets home from work - it helps with the sanity!

    1. I hope she's growing out of them! Thank you, I will definitely keep that in mind :)
      I have told Phil once or twice that he's going to take over her care as soon as he's home. I love her, but my goodness this is such an awful phase!!


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