Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 To-Dos

I'll post my verse for the year later, but here is my to-do list for 2014!

2014 To-Dos
1) Go on 6 dates with Phil* {6/6 - No posts}
2) Go to the dentist {7/2014}
3) Go to the eye doctor {7/2014}
4) Get hair trimmed at least 4 times {4/4}
5) Read 1 book I've never read before
6) Create a playroom for the kids {Playroom not decorated, but organized!}
7) Meet up with a fellow blogger {Met Lesa - post here}
8) Plan an awesome 30th birthday for Phil {Nothing over the top, but he had a good day!}
9) Lose at least 20 pounds** {15 lbs to date}
10) Finish painting the house {2 rooms left}

*A date is defined by the following factors: I wear makeup, someone (whether they be hired or related to us) watches the kids for more than 90 minutes while we are not physically in the same building, and we have to get some kind of food item before we go home (whether that be a drink, ice cream, or a full meal). 

**I will officially start this after my 6 week post-partum appointment. That will give me a starting weight, and I'll be cleared to exercise again :)

What do you hope to accomplish this year?


  1. I love your list! Very realistic. Also, if it is not too stalkerish, I am all for #7! Go get 'em girl!

    1. I actually had you in mind for #7! I'm finalizing dates with my folks right now for sometime in April I think? Before Easter thought. I will definitely keep you posted :)
      I try to keep it realistic just so I don't feel super awful about not making it. That way, it's easier to cut myself some slack!

    2. And by "Before Easter thought." I mean "Before Easter though." Yeesh, my spelling is atrocious lately!


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