Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Those are three little letters that every mother dreads. It's even more upsetting when you hear it as a diagnosis for your 5 week-old son :(

The good news is, it is a mild case. His cough is not affecting his breathing and eating too much, which means we didn't have to check him into the hospital. The cough is something awful, and heartbreaking for this mama to hear! He mostly likely caught it from Jillian, who obviously had a mild case, because she's just about good as new. She did have a double ear infection on top of that though. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

So far? I'm not really impressed with 2014. Both kids, and now Phil, have been sick since New Year's Eve. I can't start officially exercising until after my appointment next week, and I've been stuck at home with all the sweets from the holidays. {Yes I do have a choice, but this sleep-deprived mama is desperate for anything to eat! I can barely press buttons on my Keurig. You can't expect me to read an follow cooking instructions very coherently right now!}

Once we're all well again, and back to our regular scheduled programming, I think things will be better. I might even start liking 2014 after all. It is an even numbered year after all ;)

Other than that, I have two posts coming up the next few days. My to-do list for the year, followed by my word and verse. Be on the lookout! Do you have a to-do list or word for the year? Are you doing resolutions instead?

If you noticed, my blog named changed to something completely different for a few days. I liked it for a bit, but then changed my mind. It is now called "The Lovely Years". First of all, it's an homage to The Wonder Years {I mean, who doesn't love the Savage brothers, Fred and Ben? AmIright?!} Secondly, it was inspired by the album name of a good band that includes a song that I love the lyrics to. And finally, I know these are the years in my life that I'll be missing later on. Since I can't always see that now, I figured my documentation of these years is the best way for me to remember :)


  1. Oh no! RSV is never fun! Wishing David a quick recovery!

  2. Glad there is no hospital stay! My co-workers niece 7 week old is hospitalized with influenza! Hopefully you get the ok to resume normal activity. I also love the new blog name and I love the Wonder Years. Jimmy and I watched the whole series on Netflix about a year ago. I know 2014 will be wonderful for you!


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