Sunday, March 9, 2014

Just Us Three

Last month, I told Phil that we needed to do something with Jillian. We're starting to really get into a groove as a family of four, but I know some days Jillian can get really frustrated with her new role as big sister. It's really hard when the attention shifts from full-time to half-time. I happened to notice that Sesame Street Live was coming to town, so we decided that would be a great activity for us! We scheduled our babysitter to stay with David, and we bought tickets with our tax refund. I just got three regular tickets because we were not sure how should would react to seeing the characters in person. I didn't want to pay extra money if she was going to cry. We were pleasantly surprised with how well the morning went!

The show started at 10:30 in the morning. I figured going before lunch and nap time would work best for Jillian. After we parked, we had about 20 minutes to get to our seats. We bought some water and a tub of popcorn. Jillian was more than happy with her popcorn :)
{Buttery popcorn goodness!}

Once the lights went down, Jillian scooted to the edge of her seat. The characters came out dancing and she got SO excited!
{Jillian on the edge of her seat}
{This is right before she adamantly requested to run and "go see Cookie Monsta!"}

{The special song about cookies with dancing cookies HAHA}

It kept her attention for the 40 minutes before intermission! She had a few squirmy moments, but we were very impressed with her. Phil even said that he enjoyed it enough that he didn't need Tylenol afterwards ;) Once the show went to intermission, this HUGE batch of balloons went to the front of the stage area. Jillian of course went bananas, but we were able to get her out of the area without having to buy one.
{The balloons, and the view from our seats!}

{The three of us <3}
{Jillian is trying to look over the phone to see the balloons HA!}

Even though she did well, Phil and I made the executive decision to go ahead and leave during intermission. This way we left on a good note, and we would have enough time to go to a nice lunch before we wanted to be back. Jillian is still at the age where we can get away with not only leaving early, but also without having to buy lots of stuff souvenirs ;)
{The giant boot outside of our parking garage}

We drove to the mall near our house to eat lunch. They have one of those asian places that make the food you pick out on a big grill. The one we went to is called HuHot. It was pretty yummy, and Jillian did pretty good eating.
{Jillian and Phil enjoy their lunch}

And we had to stop at the cookie place of course ;)

All in all, we had a great time. I'm hoping we can do a one-on-two date with her a few more times this year. We do our best to make sure she knows we still love her dearly. If nothing else, I hope she just enjoys being with us as much as we enjoy being with her :)

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