Sunday, June 1, 2014

David: {Six Months}

David –

You are six months old today! Your personality is starting to come out, and we just love it! Plus, you are such a blondey with a little wave/curl on the top of your head that's so cute :)

According to our measurements at home, you are 16 lbs, 5 oz and 27 inches long. You have a doctor's appointment next week so I'll update your official stats then. Update: You are 15 lbs, 12 oz and 26-1/4 inches long!

You are wearing 3-6 Month and 6 Month clothing. Mama recently packed up your 3 Month clothes and it was a bittersweet moment. We just switched you to size 3 diapers.

You eat 4-5 bottles a day, and drink either 7 or 8 ounces if you finish your bottle. You drink Target brand similar to Similac Advance. We started solids with you, but then you had a tummy virus and we just restarted solids. So far, you've had rice cereal, oatmeal, green peas, carrots, and avocado. So far, you're not really impressed so far. Hopefully you'll find a food you like soon :) Mama is making your baby food now, and you've got quite a stockpile going!

Sleep is still a good area for you. We are very blessed that you and your sister are pretty good sleepers naturally. Overnight, you go down between 8 and 9 pm, and you sleep until about 6. We can give you your pacifier, and you'll stay in your crib until about 7:15. You are definitely an early riser. You are also a very restless sleeper. You move around constantly, even if you're fast asleep! It's fun to see what position you've moved to ;) As far as naps go, you take 3 every day. You usually sleep for about 30 minutes around 9 am, a 2 hour nap around 11 am, and another 30 minute nap between 5 and 6 pm. We've started swaddling you with your arms out at night, but we still have to swaddle you normally for your nap.

You are a no-funny-business bather. You would rather get cleaned off and get out. Anytime we try to introduce bath toys to you, you want nothing to do with it. However, you got to play in a pool last week, and you seemed to really like it! You do like water, you just like to get baths over with.

Chomp chomp chomp. You are drooling and chomping on just about everything. However, you still don't have any teeth poking out. 

You seem to gravitate to girls instead of boys. I don't think it's the beginning of stranger anxiety, but I could be wrong. You definitely have favorite people, and it usually takes you a little bit to warm up to new people. You are quite the flirt too ;)

In terms of being mobile, you are definitely trying to get into crawling position. You also scoot on your bottom to get new places. You love standing up straight and bouncing. If you end up skipping crawling, I won't be too surprised. You also love to sit up more than being put down on your back. 

We recently stopped using your infant car seat and switched you to a convertible car seat. The infant seat was getting to be too heavy for mama to carry around. For the most part, you seem to like it ok. The worst part is buckling you in. You will lift up your butt and slink down the seat so I have to readjust you in order to buckle you. Once you're in there, you're usually calm :)

Your sister has been extra affectionate towards you lately, and you don't seem to mind. She'll give you big hugs, and even gives you kisses. You're a good sport and let her without much of a fuss. She does make you laugh from time to time. It's so cute to watch you interact!

You like classical music (and Fleetwood Mac), your jumperoo, playing peek-a-boo, and making spit bubbles.

You don't like loud noises, being left alone/on the play mat for too long, and being up past your nap time.

We took a weekend trip to Kansas City for a family wedding last weekend. You and your sister were such good sports! Overall, you did well in the car, and you were very flexible since your nap schedule was completely out of whack. You and your sister spent the night with your Jemma and Gee-Chaz in their hotel room one night. I was told you were on your best behavior :) We even took a quick trip to Columbia to visit your Uncle Mike and Aunt Jessica! As I said before, you also tried out the swimming pool and seemed to enjoy yourself.

I am a little sad that you're closer to being a one-year-old than my squishy little newborn baby boy. However, it's so much fun to watch you as you grow and learn. Your smile just makes me melt, and I think you're just the sweetest little boy. I love you LT :)

A few outtakes:
 {What a sweet smile :)}
 {Proof to his Jemma that he does indeed blink sometimes! HAHA}
 {Nothing is scaring them... unless their daddy counts ;) He was just trying to get them to smile}
{Jillian said "Cheese" for this one, but David is still focused on daddy}

And comparisons:
{Months 1-3}
{Months 4-6}

{Left: Jillian 6/2012 Right: David 6/2014}

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