Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What We've Been Up To

**Side Note: June is by far the craziest/busiest month for me this summer. Once July rolls around, I will most likely be a bit more present. Plus, I think hope pray that I figured this whole "no room on hard drive/start up disk for photos" stuff I've been dealing with since February. End Side Note**

First and foremost, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to those in NE. Those twin tornadoes were just awful, and we can definitely relate here in Oklahoma. I hope you can feel God's presence and peace as you rebuild.

In the whirlwind that is my life, I have had some good moments. Here are a few I want to share :)

In mid-May, Phil and I went on our 3rd date for the year. I haven't been documenting them like last year because I haven't felt quite up to it. However, this was a Saturday day-date, and I felt like taking a few photos :)
 {Phil being a better golfer than me (though that's not hard at all)}
 {Luff him :)}

As hard as 2 is, it can also be hilarious!
 {I told her to lay next to that OKC Thunder drawing I made, and this is what she did instead. Goofy girl...}
 {Jillian's newest thing is to make beds and put her toys, and sometimes herself, to bed for a nap}

In an attempt to be more present, I am letting my insecurities go by being in the picture with my kids.
 {And you know what? I love these photos :)}

And for fun today, I made a little side by side of Jill and Davey. They are about 6 weeks apart in age in these pictures, but these were the best photos I could get of a similar expression. Do you think they're siblings? Besides the obvious hair color and eye shape differences, Phil and I think they have the same facial structure! What do you think?
{They are definitely cute!}

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