Monday, September 22, 2014


What does the word granted even mean?

Well, it could be: "to give or accord"

Or even: "something granted, as a privilege or right, a sum of money, or a tract of land"

In this instance, I'm using the idiom "take for granted," which means "to accept without question or objection; assume." There are many things I have taken for granted lately, and it has really kicked my butt.

The car starting when I'm running behind

My physical health and the ability to pick up my children without my back killing me

Finances and the art of budgeting

My sweet toddler's good behavior and the fact that preschool is a big transition

Not missing the trash truck because they come around 10 am instead of 7:30 am {Happy Monday y'all}

I know everyone has similar struggles in various combinations of these things. With my current combo, I'm going a little crazy. And by crazy, I mean I am breaking down.

I feel worn out and beaten down.

I feel like there is very little hope.

Deep down I know all these things will be resolved. Whether or not it is resolved how I want is a completely different story ;)

Holding it together in order to go about your daily life is sometimes the hardest part about struggles. I'm just super ready for this little cluster of madness to be over. {You know, so I can have a break before my next cluster!}

If I could have about a 24 hour period where nothing felt like a crisis, I think my hope would begin to rebuild a bit. We're getting closer, (I had about 13 hours yesterday!), so I just have to remember that God is on my side. With His help, I can get through this and everything will be calm again :)


  1. I am a little late on this one, but I hope the last week has been better! Thinking of all four of you tonight!

    1. It's getting a little better and easier every day. It was just a lot at once that particular week. Thanks sweet friend :)


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