Friday, September 5, 2014

Jillian's Last First Day of Listening for Littles

Time and again I am reminded of how blessed we are to have the connections we do.

After doing lots of research in 2011, we picked a great pediatrician. This pediatrician got us connected to Hearts for Hearing when Jillian failed the newborn hearing screening at the hospital after she was born. With the sweet, knowledgeable, and incredible staff at Hearts, we discovered Jillian's hearing loss and made a plan to aid her with the best resources we could. After starting speech therapy at 6 months old, Jillian has truly made leaps and bounds after over a year of hard work. This clinic, these workers, have truly touched my heart. I can't thank them enough for all they have done.

Not only do they have an incredible staff that includes Jillian's speech pathologist, Miss Casey, they also offer a preschool class as well as a class for younger children called Listening for Littles. This is the last year Jillian is eligible for this class, so we are going to really soak it up and enjoy being with our friends and Miss Jenn for the second year. The best part about this year is they are able to offer babysitting onsite for younger siblings! This definitely helped me out a bunch.

I actually had a hair appointment during the class today, so Phil was able to take off work to take her. He told me she did a great job, and overall had a great first day :)

Also, due to the day of the week being moved from last year, her first day was on the same calendar day as last year! So here is my girl on the 1st day, 365 days apart
{Left: Jillian 9/5/13 Right: Jillian 9/5/14}

 {This was actually the first photo I took, hence the sucker ;)}

 {She looks so old in this one!}

{My silly girl ready to get in the car and go to school with Miss Jenn :)}

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