Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jillian's First Day of Mini 3's Preschool

Even though this isn't full-on school, it's still a big step. Jillian hasn't even been in MDO! Besides, this is just the first step before she's off to Kindergarten, then college, then her first-born will be off to preschool! {I know, I know, but she's my baby, so this is hard and big for me!!}

Jillian was so excited that she woke up extra early! She had a good breakfast of plain oatmeal, and was ready to get dressed and go. Phil was able to work out his schedule that he could come with us to drop her off at preschool. We started our morning with a quick photo shoot.
 {Goofy Girl}


Then it was time to jump in the car. It was stormy and rainy the whole way, but Jillian was still excited.
 {On our way!}

I wanted a picture with my girl before she ran into the classroom.
 {My sweet girl}

She barely paused to take this picture before she took off towards her room.
 {Can I go to school now mom?}

Before we knew it, she was in her room and ready to play. She didn't even really tell us goodbye.
{Off she goes...}

When I came back to pick her up, she was all hyped up and wanted to go back to her room. Her teacher told me she did great, and my church spies told me she only cried twice. {Both times were because she was told "no"} I'm so glad she loved it :)
{What a big girl!}

I'm sure it really helps that the school is at our church. She knows the area, she's in the habit of being dropped off and we come back later. I'm actually doing really well with it too! Now when it's David's turn to go, that might be another story ;)

I know David and I will have more time to bond. I know that she's going to continue to love it! It's just... I will miss my little partner-in-crime two days a week.

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