Wednesday, October 1, 2014

David: {Ten Months}

David –

You are ten months old today! How are we already in double digits when talking about your age? I feel like we just celebrated your 6 month birthday! Oh let's face it, I feel like it was yesterday when you were born :)

According to our measurements at home, you are 18 lbs, 7 oz and 27-1/2 inches long.

You can wear a 3-6 Month button down shirt, but you are most comfortable in 6-9 Month, and 9 clothes. We have a few 12 Month onesies that you wear, but they are still pretty big on you. Hats or shoes are a big no for you. The moment we try to put them on, your hands are up and ready to pull the item off. You wear 6-9 Month pjs, but you may be ready for 9 Month. You wear size 4 diapers.

Eating is only hard for you in terms of you never seem full!. You are my bottomless pit, so I'm trying to give you anything I can. You seem to like Cheerios, Mum-Mums, Alpha Bits cereal, tomatoes, spaghetti, turkey meat, baked chicken, beans, broccoli, and rice cakes the best! On average, you drink four 6 oz bottles a day. You still have not had fish or honey, but thanks to your sister, you have had dairy, egg, strawberries, and peanut butter. {She would feed him some of her snack when I wasn't looking} Thankfully you have not had any reactions, so you do not seem to have any food allergies!

You sleep from 8:30 pm to 7 am most nights. For a few weeks, you would wake up about 4 am and cry for your pacifier. However, you are doing this less, which means you should be almost done with that phase. You usually get a nice big nap in the afternoon, but one small morning nap, and only if I hold you. There is a bit of crying when I put you down for you big nap, but you will settle down after awhile and sleep pretty well. Sometimes we are so busy, your naps are just whenever we are in the car. This will make you a little cranky, but overall you're a good sport!

Baths are fun in the big tub, especially with sister in the tub with you. You're tolerate bubbles, but mostly you just want to splash everything :) Just like your sister, you despise getting your face wiped. I promise we're just trying to keep you clean!

You still only have your bottom 2 teeth. Some days you seem like you're teething, but others you don't. We'll just wait patiently for more.

Overall you are an easy baby and we just love your sweet personality. You are flirty, laid back, and curious! Also, you love holding hair and touching faces. Right now, you are super into teeth and touch them whenever you can. You say "mama" with intent, and the other day it sounded like you said "hey dad!" It came out more like "Eh dah," but you looked right at your daddy and smiled really big when he looked at you. You can clap, but no waving yet. All in good time son :)

You love being in on the action, so you want to be on the floor crawling and exploring. However, you do the sweetest thing sometimes. You'll kind of make this cute panting sound while crawling to mama's feet. You just like to me near mama :) If mama is sitting on the floor, you crawl up to her lap and lean in so that you're forehead to forehead with her. Cue heart melting. Crawling is so much fun for you. You are getting faster and faster, and just love chasing after mama or Jilly. You have attempted to pull up to standing a few times, but it is not an everyday occurrance. You have gotten to your knees in your crib, so we may move it down to the next level in the coming weeks.

Your current nicknames are: Baby Davey, Davey Boy, LT, Bug, Dude, Dahveed, and Bubbie.

You are showing more signs of separation anxiety, but still go to the church nursery pretty easily. Hopefully we can get you through that phase relatively easily :)

Everything goes in your mouth right now. Toys, non-toys, hair, baby wipes, really whatever you can grab. You love it when mama sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and you really like Elmo. The only toy you ever seem to like is a stuffed puppy that technically belongs to Jillian. Hopefully that won't cause too many fights in the future.

You and your sister are adorable together. Even though she has mastered the phrase "No David, no!" and takes the toy you are playing with, you are always very patient with her. Sometimes you two get into these "squealing matches," which we know is just your way of talking right now. Jillian is usually pretty good at sharing her food with you too. I caught you too munching on pretzels on the kitchen floor the other morning. I can't wait to see your relationship continue to grow. As Jillian told you in the car the other day, you two will be "best friends for forever best of days" {And yes, that is exactly how she phrased it ;)}

LT, we are just so thankful to have you in our little family. Your giggles can brighten any day, and your smile just melts our hearts. As you grow up bigger and stronger, it will be hard for us to think of you as such a big boy. However, we are so proud of the man you are becoming, and will continue to pray as you grow more and more. I just know you will do great things and pray that God continues to bless you and keep you in His grace :)

Now some outtakes:
 {Crawling to his photo area}

 {Look mom, I'm sooooooo big!}


 { the chair}

 {Think you're tough, huh? Try having a sister!}

 {That side smile and hair y'all. I can't even with all the cuteness!}

 {My happy boy clapping :)}

 {Big sister getting her own photo}

 {This is her roaring at me like a lion}

{My kiddos <3}

And some comparisons!
 {Months 1-3}

 {Months 4-6}

{Months 7 and 8}

{Months 9 and 10}

{Left: Jillian 10/2012 Right: David 10/2014}

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