Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 60 - Herbalife Check In

60 days ago, I started using Herbalife. Overall, I'm feeling really good about myself and my body. I'm really trying to do this right and not focus too much on numbers. I do feel a bit more energetic than before, (which is good because life is cray-cray right now), and I am starting to fit in my clothes better!

This month was a bit different for two reasons.

1) I had a pretty bad sprain on my back that kept me from working out for pretty much this entire month.

2) I actually stopped counting calories around Day 45 or so. I have been busy, and I tried just listening to my body more. Luckily for me, it's working pretty good! I'm able to kind of eye a good serving size, and I still weigh stuff out if I get worried about going calorie-wild.

My first reward was going to be a pedicure once I hit 15 pounds. Well, I did hit that goal, but I have to change my reward. I have to get a new blender because I've just used mine so much ;) {Poor little $15 didn't stand a chance...}

I have a few goals for the next 30 days, but I won't share them until my next check in so I don't jinx them!

Starting Weight: 239.8
Current Weight: 224.5  (15.3 lbs lost)

Inches Lost: 15

Starting Picture:

Current Picture:

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